Earth Creations Organic Clothes Use
Natural Fibers and Dyes

Earth Creations organic clothes are elegantly simple styles. Solid colors and natural fibers make these garments earth-friendly. The earth tone colors are created by natural clay dyes. The company returns 10% of the gross to the communities in Guatemala where the cotton, eucalyptus, flax for linen, and bamboo fibers are grown. Clothing is assembled in the U.S.A.

Lance Schenker, line representative, says there are 150 styles and 30 colors. My photos do not fully capture the softness and texture of these organic clothes.

Earth Creations clothing

The slacks, above, have a slimming waist band, before flaring into loose gathers. This will help a tunic or jacket lay flat and minimize the belly. These outfits may not be appropriate for corporate career wear, but there are many jobs where they would be comfortable and attractive – such as teaching; creative work in publishing, advertising, graphic design; and many types of sales positions.

The photo, below, does not capture the earthy soft olive color of this organic cotton pants outfit.

Organic fiber slacks

These organic clothing styles may appeal to many fashion archetypes. Sophia will like their simplicity. Hestia will enjoy being able to throw them into the washer. The earthy colors, natural fibers and dyes are perfect for Artemis. The easy-going practicality of these organic clothes is a good match for Athena.

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