You Don't Have to Be Rich to Find Perfect Fathers Day Gifts

Novica's hand-crafted items from around the world are the odds-on favorite for finding perfect Fathers Day gifts without spending a fortune.

Of course, if you happen to have a fortune to spare, what Dad wouldn't appreciate that Porsche he's longed for, a trip around the world, or Super Bowl tickets?

Mayan Hammocks Preserve Centuries-Old Crafts

If you can't afford to give your father a South Seas island vacation, let him daydream about it in a hand-crafted hammock with a tall glass of his favorite beverage in his hand.

You can buy hammocks and swings in a dazzling array of styles and colors.

Novica’s artisans from around the world use ancient crafts and update them to create 21st-century art.

These gifts add a bit of the tropics to any back yard.

Handblown Glass Sparks and Shines with Your Love

Toss in some margarita glasses or a beer pitcher along with that fabulous hammock to complete the ambiance of dad’s retreat.

Handblown and etched glassware at Novica are crafted by local artisans and help preserve cultural heritage. You may find:

  • unique wine glasses.

  • ruby red shot glasses and other handblown colors.

  • margarita glasses.

  • martini glasses.

  • goblets and goblet-style glasses. Some have unusual stems.

  • conical drinking glasses.

  • tumblers.

  • drinking glasses.

  • cocktail glasses.

  • flutes.

  • highball glasses.

  • beeer glasses.

Glass pitchers, glass coasters, glass cigar ashtrays, and a glass mask are other unique items if your father favors glass collectibles.

Novica Partners with National Geographic to Bring You the World

Novica is a green company that partners with National Geographic and supports the Global Compact, a UN initiative to honor human rights in business relationships.

Men’s jewelry is another top choice for perfect Fathers Day gifts.

A leather wristband is manly and affordable. For something more upscale, try a silver wristband.

A ring with a semi-previous stone and an unusual motif, such as a dragon, may suit some dads

Masks and Tiki Decor Provide Ambiance

Select from over 900 masks to find one that perfectly expresses the sentiment you want to convey -- knowledge, peace, kind neighbor, good heart and dozen of others.

Masks span styles from brightly colored Carnival, coconut faces appropriate for Tiki bar decor, to masks worn for ceremonial and ritual purposes.

A few suggestions for perfect Fathers Day gifts, whether your dad's retreat is an outdoor Tiki bar or a den filled with books and memorabilia:

  • Glass mask "Lucy Sky Dreamer."

  • Akan Wood Mask, "The Linguist," colorful from Ghana for the Dad who is a reader, teacher, or intellectual.

  • Wood Mask, "The Monkey Hero" illustrates the tales of Ramayana.

  • Leather Mask, "Dalmation Charisma," and other dog-faced masks for your favorite dog-father.

  • Completely beaded "Green Jicuri Flower" mask is accurately desribed in catalogue as an "explosion of color."

  • Simple Ghanian wood mask, "Father."

  • Chancay mask from Peru, "Mystery and Spirit" that uses recycled paper.

Men Like Doing Things

Research shows that men bond and show they care by doing things. You may prefer to schedule a day at a ball game, museum, out fishing, or a one-day gambling cruise depending on what your father likes and the amenities where you live.

In the long run, a thoughtful present, even the gift of your time, means more than an expensive one that has little or nothing to do with what your father likes.

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