Ragg Wool Gloves: Rugged Yet Soft Fiber Pleases Today's Eco-Conscience Consumer

Ragg wool gloves seem to be on everyone's Christmas list, and why not?

They combine the best qualities of a natural, renewable fiber with skin-nourishing softness, and warmth.

What Makes Ragg Wool Special?

Ragg wool is relatively untreated wool with enough lanolin left in the fiber to be water repellent and nourishing to skin that can easily scale in winter's harsh cold, dry temperatures.

Lanolin is found in many hand and face creams, so you can tell how revitalizing it is.

Concern for the environment moves rag wool toward the category of green products. The less processing, the less harsh chemicals and dyes that are used.

The popularity of rag wool gloves, hats, and scarves makes them trendy clothing accessories for women and cheap unique Christmas gifts.

What Is Wool?

Wool is a "textile fiber" according to Wikipedia that is not the same as hair or fur.

Obtained from sheep, yak, and several other mammals, wool grows in clumps, is kinked or crimpled, and has high content of skin nourishing lanolin.

Some people are allergic to lanolin, so be sure you are not one of them -- nor the gift recipient, if you are buying rag wool gloves as cheap unique Christmas gifts.

A Rough, Tough Wool

Ragg wool is described as a rugged fiber perfect for outdoors wear, such as gloves.

Its sturdy texture is at the other end of the yarn quality spectrum from merino wool, one of the finest wool fibers.

Colors are often oatmeal or gray with darker flecks in the yarn.

This makes ragg wool gloves, hats, and scarves appropriate as sporty clothing accessories for women.

One writer contends that ragg wool has 15% nylon content. Nylon would help keep the wool from stretching and add additional softness.

I can find no evidence, however, that ragg wool requires nylon or additional fibers to earn that name.

Who Makes The Best Ones?

Customers at amazon.com are happy with the Heat Factory men's rag wool gloves, featured at the top of the page when the product is available.

Ragg wool gloves are also being offered with Thinsulate(TM).

Add Some Miracle Technology for Extra Warmth

Thinsulate(TM) is one of the miracle technologies that are making today's fabrics and shoes lighter and more versatile than ever.

If you thought 3M company is about tape and Post-It Notes(TM), think again.

Basically, this engineering marvel uses super-fine fibers to trap more air between you and the cold outdoors.

These air pockets are the insultation. You are can read all about the science here.

What Goes Around

Ragg wool is back in fashion again for sporty clothing accessories for women and sweaters. This fabulous fiber has its origins in the stone age and is part of the history of our manufacturing technology.

No wonder it is popular with all the benefits it offers -- soft and durable protection from winter's cold and perfect for cheap unique Christmas gifts.

Gloves, socks, hats, mufflers, shawls, and sweaters are featured products that you will find in a wide range of prices.

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