FitFlops Are Best Choice for Student & Homemaker with Plenty to Do

by Stacey Thompson
(Camano Island, WA)

I tried on 15 pairs of shoes, at least, before purchasing a well-padded shoe for the summer. I have bad knees, bunions and corns and wide feet. I can't wear shoes from discount mega-stores anymore. I bought the FitFlop and a pair of very comfortable sandals on sale at Macy's. They were sexy and comfortable. I have short legs so I need a shoe that is less bulky and versatile, because I only buy two or three pairs of shoes for the season.

Enid responds: Stacey, thank you so much for sharing that. I feel the same way: it is challenging enough to find even one nice pair of comfortable shoes -- and they do not come from the discount stores. Shoes have to be versatile. The more we learn about what works for other women, perhaps the fewer shoes we will try on the next time. I love reading your recommendations.

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Betrayed by My Feet

by Linda
(Fort Worth)

Sadly, I have passed the time when I can wear truly high heels. I can wear a shoe with and inch and a half .... sometimes; but for the greater wear, I find myself looking for a lower heel.

These days, my favorite shoes are Clark's Mary Jane's.... but not the ones with three-inch heels! It seems that these days, those three-inch heeled shoes are considered low heeled shoes!

And so, what to do? Am I to forever be non-fashionable? I have always loved shoes and my feet have now betrayed me.

I do have boots, and they are very fashionable; but in Texas, boots in the fall are not comfortable. They are hot and cumbersome. I love clogs. But with a great dress or suit, they are not fashionable shoes!

There are great sandals with low heels that look terrific in summer; but what looks that good with a low heel in the winter? A flat? A real ballet flat has no real support and with a 70+ foot, I need support.

And so I come back to the Mary Jane. Now, to find a great shoe. I have found the best selection of shoes is not in the mall nor in a shoe store. It is online. I go to and there I can find more sizes and colors and styles of Mary Jane than anywhere else I have looked.

The shoes there start at size 5 and go through 12 and if you need a W or a WW, you can find those there also. Besides, I don't even have to leave home to go shoe shopping there and there are days when I don't want to leave home!

I can look there to my heart's content... not something I often have time to do in a store. I will be as fashionable as I can, but the four-inch heels will never be found in my closet. Sad, isn't it?

Reply: Linda, I'm with you all the way. We each, I think, find a brand, price range, and style that works.

There seem to be more and more traditional comfort-shoe and menswear shoe manufacturers jumping in to the women's dress and professional shoe market -- Timberland and Rockport are working for me so far.

Don't you sometimes look at younger women tottering around on stiletto contraptions and feel a bit sorry for them, too? It's also a little sad that some women believe we have to sacrifice so much comfort, and even health, for the sake of beauty when we are younger.

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Skirts & Lace-ups

I have had foot problems my entire life, so I always wear orthotics (foot supports) in my shoes, which usually must be lace-up in order to wear my orthotics effectively. I am also a skirt person. That is to say, 6 out of 7 days a week I typically wear a skirt. With the advice that these two do not go well together, what would you suggest I do??

Enid responds: I hope some of you will have some good suggestions for Brooke, too, and share them here.

First, Brooke, my suggestions are only that -- gentle suggestions. Perhaps I am a little old-fashioned in this preference. I see lots of young women wearing lace-up shoes with skirts.

Second, I think you are most likely to do well with this if you go for a Bohemian look. The Bohemian gal is so completely her own person that she can get away with almost anything.

Plus, all those wonderful textures, colors, and jewelry will detract attention from your shoes -- unless, of course, you want to do up your shoes with jewel or clip-on jewels to make them a focal point. With the high price of orthotics, a person would have to be super-confident about one's craft abilities before making anything permanent.

Longer skirts and the wide-legged pants that are coming back into vogue will do a good job of hiding the laces, if that's what you'd like to do.

Last, develop your own style and stand by it. You need laces, and your health comes first. You like skirts, and you are old enough not to care what anyone thinks. Wear what you like with pride -- and soon enough, it is likely to become a fashion trend.

I hope this helps.

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I Have Waited My Whole Life: Reader Finds Perfect Brand

by Kate Ferguson

I love shoes!!!

When I was 7 I fell off my bicycle and injured my leg so badly it resulted in my wearing a leg brace, which I discarded at age 12.

About this time after years of wearing lace ups, I got my first pair of patent leather ballet shoes. It broke my heart when I grew out of them.

My left foot has been a problem getting worse with passing years. Some surgery has helped but stylish shoes were impossible to wear with orthotics. Most still are.

Recently after years and years of yearning for a pair I bought not one but TWO pairs of John Fluevog shoes.

These are normally out of my budget, and some styles are too funky for my taste, but I loved the Gracias. I bought these in red and a pair of Promise in purple, a lovely supportive lace up with a heel.

Okay so they don't take my orthotics but at 68 next week I no longer care. They are so comfortable with roomy toes and rubber soles that I feel I could walk in them all day. Come to think of it one day I did!

They were bought online through Amazon from Endless ON SALE!! They were ridiculously cheap and I saved 100's compared to Australian prices and couldn't be more pleased.

Now I want a pair of Amanda, and Malibran.
Did I say I love shoes?

I am going to check out this great tip. Thank you for sharing, Kate. Shoes - Great Prices & Free 2-Day Shipping!

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