Romantic Blouse: You'll Be Resplendent in Ruffles

A romantic blouse is interpreted differently by each fashion archetype -- and viva la difference!

Aphrodite/Baubo, Hecate, Metis, and Kali are style types with a dash of romance in full measure.

Aphrodite may like ruffles, while Metis may prefer something sleek.

Hecate's choice is handcrafted details such as brocade trim or burn-out fabric.

Trend-setting Kali will look for something shockingly new and memorable.

Ruffles & Daring Details Seduce Aphrodite/Baubo

Aphrodite has been the goddess of love for thousands of years.

Less well known is the older-woman incarnation of the sexual impulse, bawdy Baubo.

Baubo's motto is "If you got it, flaunt it."

Characteristics of the romantic blouse to please Aphrodite are are a softly-draped fabric, such as silk, satin, lace and ruffles.

Cotton gauze is another soft fabric to appeal to your inner goddess of love.

Baubo will go all-out to be provocative with a V-neckline.

Be sure to wear a proper foundation and that bra-straps are hidden.

Artisan Touches Weave Hecate's Gypsy Heart

A romantic blouse for Hecate does not requires ruffles or see-through fabric to make a big impression.

This fashion archetype expresses romance in:

-- Bohemian or peasant blouse details. Shirring, smocking, border prints, and similar designs express Hecate's wild gypsy heart.

-- Favorite fabrics are natural and organize when possible. Hecate loves anything that is 100% cotton, alpaca, hemp, bamboo, or silk.

-- Animal and wild prints are found in Hecate's closet. Hecate may advocate against wearing animal skins, but a leopard, zebra, or tiger print may turn up in a romantic blouse or canvas handbag.

-- Multi-colored swirls, paisleys, and curlicues -- nothing too fancy -- please this fashion archetype in deep, rich, earthy and jewel tones.

-- Hand-crafted details such as hand-woven or hand-dyed fabrics, twine, embroidery, beading, and fine painted gold-details express Hecate's artistic side.

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Metis: Refined Romantic Emphasizes Quality

When you think of Metis, think of the ultimate corporate wife who does many things well and seems to always have everything under control.

Metis is a fashion archetype who plans her wardrobe with care for each item's multiple uses. Here are the characteristics of a romantic blouse for Metis:

-- Designer label or high quality finishing. Everything about Metis screams expensive, and what could be sexier than that?

-- Buttons that exude style. Buttons are a focal point, and Metis knows how to the draw eyes to her best features.

Replacing ordinary buttons with special pearl-like surfaces or other memorable textures adds instant sex-appeal.

Closely-spaced buttons, which take more time to craft into the shirt, are another sign of a higher-priced, quality garment.

Self-buttons -- that is buttons made of the same material as the romantic blouse -- are another sign of a well-made, upscale garment.

-- Feminine seaming. Metis is the fashion archetype least likely to be seen in public in a big shirt or poet shirt.

She may cuddle up in something like this during a weekend on Fire Island, but this look is not part of her public image.

-- Best quality fabrics. Metis wants tightly-woven cotton that drapes, shimmering silk, soft Pima cotton tees, and the luxurious soft feel of today's bamboo fibers.

-- Appropriateness. Metis will wear high neckline and long sleeves when the occasion requires modesty -- such as religious, family, and strictly business -- but knows how to display her charms when the setting is seductive.

In summary, when Metis buys a romantic blouse, she is thinking about how the blouse flatters her figure with stylish lines, how it feels, its mix-and-match versatility, and cost-per-wearing potential.

Kali Dares You to Be Shocked

Kali's idea of a romantic blouse is something that draws all eyes to her when she enters a room.

Like Aphrodite/Baubo, she isn't afraid to flaunt what she's got.

Like Hecate, she loves bright colors.

The difference is that Kali is the trend-setter. This fashion archetype is associated with the goddess of change -- good and bad.

She doesn't keep anything in her closet that no longer appeals. Characteristics of Kali's romantic blouse will embody the latest market trends -- be it peek-a-boo shoulders, burnout fabrics, nostlagic lace, or something else.

The only thing we can depend on from this fashion archetype is that she will lead the way to the latest looks and how to adapt them to the wardrobes or mature women.

Romance from Ruffles to Sleek Chic Style

Every fashion archetype honors her inner goddess in her own way. Aphrodite and Baubo, Hecate, Media and Kali possess romance in full measure.

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