Simon Doonan Is Witty Fashion Critic Who Challenges Convention

Simon Doonan is the John Waters of fashion-advice-for-women, a witty commentator who challenges fashion convention.

Eccentric Glamour, Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You is the first guide to style that’s been a true page-turner.

Doonan is the Creative Director for Barney’s, New York, and also makes many TV appearances as a fashion critic.

Anecdotes, Interviews, and Style Philosophy Make Lively Reading

The book contains a chapter about fashion categories, hilarious anecdotes about his life in style, and interviews with glamourous eccentrics should certainly reinforce your desire to express your creative, authentic self with the clothes you wear.

Doonan keeps his types of fashion simple, dividing style into three categories:

  • The Socialite

  • The Gypsy

  • The Existentialist.

The latter two are the most complicated, each containing several subcategories.

If you are unfamiliar with today’s contemporary fashion pace-setters, you will find it interesting to learn about Tilda Swinton, Dita Von Teese, Isabel Toledo and others who are embody eccentric glamour today.

"Say No to 'Ho" Should Be Required Reading

Doonan's chapter, What the Hookers are Wearing should be assigned reading for all women, especially the young.

Its message is simple, “Say No to ‘ho.”

Showing more skin is not necessarily more sexy or glamourous, as every muffin-top women in a belly shirt should (but obviously does not) know.

I wish retailers would take this message to heart.

Older women would have a greater variety of fashion choices that are not dowdy if glamour replaced trashy as the yardstick for style.

It isn’t easy being a glamourous eccentric. Simon Doonan’s anecdotes about how his mother inspired his enthusiasm for glamour and other off-beat adventures are the best part of the book.

The chart below compares types-of-fashion as they appear in the youthfully oriented The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style: How to Wear Iconic Looks and Make Them Your Own,Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style (Tim Gunn's Guide to Style), and Simon Doonan’s unique approach to Eccentric Glamour.

Euro Chic (Catherine Deneuve) Les Francaises (Deneuve) Rive Gauche Exstentialists
The Bombshell (Sophia Loren) The Siren (Angelina Jolie) no match
American Classic (Katherine Hepburn) Masculin/Feminin (K. Hepburn again) Existentialist Garconne (Greta Garbo, Diane Keaton)
Gamine (Sofia Cuppola) Les Gamines (Cuppola) Existentialist Gamine(early Audrey Hepburn)
California Casual (Farrah Fawcett) seems to be at other end of spectrum from The Risk Takers (Sarah Jessica Parker) Green Gypsy (Stella McCartney) & Hollywood Gypsy (Ali McGraw) – categories that overlap
Rock and Roll (Patti Smith) The Rockers (Smith again) Existentialist Ghoul (Amy Winehouse)
Bohemian (Stevie Nicks); Arty/Slick (Donna Karan) The Bohemians (Donna Karan) Euro-Glam Gypsy (Jade Jagger)
Posh Electic (Debutantes who may someday become doyennes) Les Doyennes (a look much too mature for Lucky readers The Socialites (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Oprah Winfrey)
Mod (the youthful equivalent?) Italian & Complicated (Fellini’s women) Isadora Gypsy (Cate Blanchett who has a touch of Existentialist)
No equivalent Power Brokers (Oprah) The Socialites

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