Sophia Wants Age-Appropriate Clothes for Four Seasons

by Linda
(Loudon, TN, USA)

This profile fits me perfectly.

I wear skirts and dresses only. I am overweight with a pear-shaped body.

I am retired and dedicate much of my time to my family, home and church. I live in an area with four distinct seasons. I just need advice on age-appropriate fashions which seem to be so hard to find. I hate shopping.

Hi Linda --

It's true that fashion ads focus on young women. Maybe it's just the part of the country where I live, with its strong elder population, but I think there are still lots of nice things for us older gals.

Right now, longer midi and maxi skirts are popular, so it's a good time to buy one or two in neutral colors. Look for gored skirts, rather than pencil skirts, pleats or shirring. A slim skirt probably will be too large in the waist. Pleats and shirring accentuate our hips.

Tunics have been on-trend for some time, and these hide one's midriff and look good with slacks.

An empire waistline for a top or dress is another way to minimize a pear-shaped figure.

A well-cut sheath, especially one with some darts or gores to create a waistline, is another possibility for the pear-shaped body.

Color-blocking that creates a light or bright panel down the center, with dark panels at the sides, also is your friend.

Avoid fussy prints; these can be aging. I prefer solid colors for the most part; as a Sophia, this may be true for you, too.

It's true shopping takes time and is not fun. I need some new slacks, but I seem to be in-between sizes right now. I will have to make up my mind to walk and lose a few pounds, I guess.

Catalogues and online shopping can help minimize your distress. Check all the details about return shipping policies, which can really add up these days.

I hope this helps.

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Sophia -- Quiet and Elegant Simplicity Is Looking for a Touch of Fun

by Olymphia
(Winston-Salem, NC USA)

I am an AA female, widowed and aged 60. I am a working professional and never intend to retire.

My fashion archetype is Sophia. My profile seems to capture me but my question is: How do I dress to look like I am capable of having fun?

This is kind of missing in my life, and I feel like I am a plaid shirt, tee shirt, jeans person on the inside. I want to lighten up, but I notice at work when people see me away from the office, they always ask what I was wearing, and they say, "You know, she was dressed to the nines."

I am a professional counselor and care deeply for children, families, and the overall community.

I am short nd described as beautiful, and I feel beautiful. I am real without artificial adornments, my hair is all mine, and so are my nails. I require very little makeup just enough to fill in the sparse spots. I wear simple dark colored pant suits to church usually with a pin, watch and rings.

I wear modest heels, usually black and a simple nice top under the suit jacket. My work outfits are a nice simple top, dark trousers, low heels and pin or simple necklace. I prefer dark colors.

Sometimes what I work in, I also wear to church. I am always mixing and matching my outfits and feel that they look pretty good.

I write articles for the local newspaper and give seminars at my church. I love yoga, meditation and exercise mostly in home on a stepper. I am involved in neighborhood events, work outdoors when the mood strikes me in my flower bed.

I tell my family and friends that I just live in my house and everything there is elegant and yet simple. I am looking to simplify my home and my life more. There has recently been a wonderful addition to my life and his name is Isaac.

Hello Olymphia --

As I understand your question, it is how to inject an element of fun in your wardrobe.

This is challenging for me, too, as a solid, hard-working Athena. I recently bought a lacy blouse for fun, but I didn't notice how sheer it was in the store. I've tried to wear it three times, but there's not an ounce of Aphrodite/Baubo in me. I cannot wear something that revealing at my age, not even with appropriate lingerie underneath. Too bad I've thrown out the receipt. Good thing it was a sale item and no big investment.

You will have to go carefully with this project. A beautiful shawl with metallic thread through it can be worn with a suit or jeans.

Burgundy boots, instead of classic black or brown, can add a fun touch. There are many pages on the Fashion After 50 in praise of the versatility of red.

Instead of a brooch, how about an unusual necklace? Novica is the place to go for this.

Jewelry - 234x60 Half Banner

You have the most-fun wardrobe question yet, so please, have a little fun playing around with clothes without breaking your budget.

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Sophia Expresses Her Inner Goddess in Natural Fibers and Authentic Listening

by Milly
(Dallas TX USA)

Sophia is my fashion goddess archetype, but also my aspiration. I want to be alive to what others are saying to me, not what my clothes are saying about me. In the same vein, I want others to hear what I say, not what my clothes say. The best clothes are those I am totally comfortable in, that make me feel good, and that are appropriate to the occasion.

I try to be real and I want my clothes and accessories to be real. Natural fibers as much as possible, natural stones and metals. Nothing fake, conterfeit, copycat or forced.

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