by survivorX2
(Saipan, Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands, USA)

I have no experience in using fashion archetypes. I am a breast cancer survivor. When I was bald and breastless, my husband of 30 years left me for a woman who wasn't. I left the home I lived in for 14 years and moved 8,000 miles away. Intellectually I know I am a survivor, but emotionally I don't feel like one. Being a wife and mom had me taking care of everyone else and paying little attention to myself. I have a new life to live, albeit alone, and I want to look outwardly confident to help build my inner confidence! I want to be a Sophia, but have no idea how to become one.

Hello SurvivorX2 -- Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us. Please know that many people leave a partner when one becomes ill; it is not unusual, and it was not you. In fact, I was just discussing some of the statistics in class today.

Having said that, how fortunate that you are a Sophia, who loves calm, peace, wisdom, and simplicity.

Have you been fitted for a prothesis and bra? I have no personal experience with this, but I have relatives and friends who also are survivors. This can provide a big lift, as can a wig, scarves, and hats.

Whatever you are doing -- be it something in the outdoors, at home, or in offices, pick solid colors with simple, graceful lines.

Start with few simple pieces that you will wear for the most important activities. Find coordinating colors so you can create different looks by combining a few pieces in different way.

Some stores offer free clothing consultants to help shoppers. I do not know what is available in your area.

Today's fabrics offer many choices for clothes that drape and move with you.

Please explore Basic Wardrobe steps as well as the Fabrics pages, as a start. Some of the book reviews may include things of interest.

I recently happened on the book Style Evolution, which has some drawings of how to dress different body types that I liked a lot. Often older books can be purchased for modest prices at or used book sellers online.

I pray, SurvivorX2, that your new life is filled with great adventures and joy, and perhaps not as alone as you think right now. Please let us know how things turn out in the future.

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Sophia Has The Wedding Dress Blues

by Judy
(Bethpage, NY)

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Mesh Crochet Bolero Dress

JWLA - Venezia Dress (Darkstar Navy) - Apparel

Rachel Roy - Crepe Drape Back Dress (Seafoam) - Apparel

I'm pushing 70, love to read, playing golf is a definite passion, and I'm about to get married. I look young, act young and like to dress young......but elegant.

I dislike dresses that come to my ankles or even mid-length, it doesn't suit me. I'm petite and like a dress to come to my knees but unfortunately, I'm getting that mid-life spread. I wore a size 10 for the last 40 years, and now I find myself in a 12 and I hate it. I'm going to try really hard to get rid of 8 to 10 pounds and tone myself up before my wedding. In the meantime, I need a dress to wear to a family affair,(a wedding) and I'm not sure what the best style is for me at this time. I'm no sex goddess but my fiance thinks I have real nice legs(love is blind). Can you help? Judy

Best wishes, Judy, on your upcoming wedding.

You are going to give a lot of us in our 50s and 60s hope that love can find a way for us, too.

I agree that if legs are your asset, you need to show them off.

You didn't mentioned what kind of shoes you wear, but I hope you will find something with a bit of a heel and that's comfortable, too.

One choice to consider is a bolero jacket dress. It establishes a waistline without being clingy where you'd rather it not be. See top left.

Another suggestion is a ruched knot dress, with the ruching on either the side or front. This, too, establishes a feminine silhouette without being clingy.

Anything that establishes a vertical line while skimming the body, in an A-line or princess line, will add height. For example, you might jazz up a perfect little black dress with a red hat and red shoes, especially if this is a church affair. The red hat and shoes will draw the eye from top to bottom. Skip the red handbag. Matchy-matchy isn't in favor and the red bag will interrupt the vertical flow.

Notice how this black and white dress, top, left column uses colorblocks to establish a figure-enhancing vertical line.

wedding suits/a> page is popular, but I sometimes am challenged to feature clothing that I believe is just right.

I do hope you will post a photo of what you wear.

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Basically Athena with Lots of Sophia and Hecate; Life Transformation Described

by France
(Billings, MT)

Well, I am all alone now after raising three as a single parent, getting my college degree in Art, and helping my daughter raise her beautiful five as well. Now she is with a new husband, and they have a very separate life and I am "thrown out of the pudding" for awhile, somewhat by choice and the reality of living in a different state than they are.

Therefore, I am using this time and space for me and realized after I was 58, that it would be a new Journey ahead. In the effort to make a new life and find new friends, I knew my fashion statement would be polished up a bit too--what I wear as Gramma is not my personal development fashion choice.

I am also in Psychotherapy and have a wholesome idea of where I've been and want to go for this part of of my life. I realize need a lot of "down time" to develop and protect my artistic ventures and stay comfortable with my physical pain.

I find many women my age and in my financial profile to be a little more about other people's business rather than self developing, and I don't want to be like them in this light.

What I do do, I want to share/teach; yet I have a number of physical limits which make it imperative for me to choose outside involvements wisely so that my reserves of kindness and social sharing are positive.

However, I can easily get to be too much of a hermit and I want to break out of that mold a few hours each week. I have been home a lot as I am also going thru my physical environment and reclaiming the space for the older me with practicality and a flare for calm and sweet rest and areas of creativity when my energy allows it.

I am discovering that this also involves letting many things go out the door to others...contemporary apt does not have a lot of storage.

So here we go and I am excited to find another way to evolve this new adventure in readjustment and revival....Yeah.

Am thankful to have found this site and am hopeful that the fashionista that I used to be can still be reawakened just for me as I evolve today.


Hello France --

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I admire that you have a sense of artistic esthetics. I have had to work hard to develop mine.

I also admire your courage in facing your new situation and "getting on with things."

I hope someday you will safe to post photos of yourself. I am so bad at posting photos of me; I don't like most of them at all!

Best wishes with your transformation. Please keep us posted.

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Sophia Wants Economical Ways to Create Crisp Chic Look

by Jo

I have always liked classic,elegant,well cut clothes which flatter or camouflage my figure. Size 12, 5'6", short grey hair. Now, at age 66, I want to cover my arms and avoid drapey fabrics and styles.

Neutrals,crisp looks, high collars, boot leg pants make me feel and look good. Foot trouble means I must find shoes which are not too pointed and have deep toe space. What I would like is advice on how to jazz up my look just a little with colour or accessories, and where to find these classic styles without spending a fortune.

Hi Jo --

I've been writing about comfortable shoe styles for a while. I've had to modify my shoe styles since my 20s, when I was injured in a mugging.

I have not been able to find an economical way to do that. Naturalizer and Easy Spirit seems about the cheapest. I love Merrell and Timberland, but their styles are limited outside of sandals and sports shoes. I have one nice pair of Beautifeel. I am hearing good things about Ara and Monroe American, but these are pricey.

As for clothing, ideas about what constitutes a fortune can be highly individual. Fashion After 50 readers like -- one of the top online retailers -- and Potpourri's Serengeti Collection and North Country clothing.

Coldwater Creek has a nice sections of Sophia-type clothing. Outside of the site's affiliates, J.Jill is popular.

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Metis/Sophia: How Can I Be Casual and Sophisticated?

by Sally
(Elk Grove, CA, USA)

I am retired and live with my husband in California. My interests include working with my art, interior decor, gardening and aerobic exercise. I like people but truly enjoy quiet time alone with my thoughts. I've taken this quiz before and lo and behold the answer is the same.

As you can see from my description of myself above, my lifestyle is a casual one but I do like to look attractive and current. My body type is an inverted triangle. My bottom half is small in proportion to my top. I am reasonably fit for my age.

My question is how do I marry Metis to my casual lifestyle?

Hi Sally --

You are the best judge of your type, not any personality-type quiz. I have been refining this since 2008, but I certainly am willing to agree that results might not fit you perfectly.

Metis can come out by buying expensive, well-made casual wear. In other words, while I might buy my capri slacks anywhere, Metis will make sure her are well-made, fit perfectly, and prefers a designer label in them.

Tunic tops and empire waist dresses and tops can bring balance to the inverted triangle. Anything that is too bulky, such as a quilted jacket, may provide more padding than you want on top.

That again is a choice -- perhaps you and your husband like emphasizing a nice bosom.

While most of us, with wide hips, avoid horizontal lines for bottoms, you can easily wear plaids and stripes that go crosswise.

Clean lines, fabric that drapes, emphasis on quality over quantity are Metis; simplicity is Sophia.

I hope this helps.

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Sophia Wonders How to Cope with Round Middle

So, how do I use this information to dress my expanding waistline. I am still working outside the home. My work wardrobe is functional, but I have more and more trouble finding slacks that fit. And the rare times I need a special dress (like a wedding) I am stuck!

Hi Sophia -- A figure-skimming dress that emphasizes your best features -- be it a plunging neckline or a short hem -- is your best bet for special occasions, as well as everyday wear.

A princess line in a soft knit usually drapes well.

Slacks will probably have to be elastic waist or with elastic insets. Wear the top outside the pants, so it conceals the waistband. If you are short, avoid tentlike tunic tops. If you are tall, you may be able to carry these off. The cut of a sweater or jacket also can make a difference.

Take some time to browse through the fashion books at a library, book store, or online to find one that can offer more extensive advice. Good luck updating your style.

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Artemis Wonders How to Dress for Varied Weather

Artemis fits....but mostly I feel like I probably look rather dowdy. Widowed two years ago and know I need to improve my look if I ever care to find someone else.

I work in a casual office and love working in my yard when I'm home. I've never cared about fashion and am finding it really hard to pull together clothing to represent who I want to be. Casual AND in style...not frumpy.

Body type, which needs a makeover too, is apple shaped, I guess. Body fat is right around my middle.

I live in Maine, sometimes warm sometimes cold; I may start with a sweater and end the day without one.

How do I dress casually and in style with a tire around my waist?

Hi Artemis -- Look for figure-skimming designs, such as a princess line dress. There is no easy way to create a personalized total wardrobe for you in a few words. You might want to look at these site pages: Scroll down to see how the cut of a cardigan sweater can emphasize of conceal a round middle; 11 Do and Don't Tips, and an overall view of basic wardrobe planning.

I hope this helps.

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Sophia with Artemis and Metis Running Close Seconds.

I volunteer at least two days a week so I need practical, casual clothing for an office setting. When I dress up or travel, I would love to pull together the Urban Sophisticate look with polished practicality!

I have the outdoors look down I think but need help with that "casual elegance" I strive for.

Hi Sophia -- No one was born with good taste or even knowing how to use clothing to express one's inner style. Sophia is very close to Metis: both like plainer garments, but Metis will go for hi-style touches. Black with gold jewelry, for example, is pure Metis. Add a beautiful Chanel jacket trimmed with braid and a nice broach. A chic handbag is a must with Metis; Sophia may not care much about such details.

Try keeping a little notebook of styles you like from catalogs. Catalogs are better than many fashion magazines, because we know the garments are being sold where we can get them.

There's also a about pulling together a coordinated travel ensemble.

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Sophia Loves Dressing in Solids with Minimal Jewelry

by shari

I live in Ohio where there's spring and fall rain, with rather long w to inters. I am petite, under 5' 4" less than 120 lbs. I usually try to dress in all one color with chunky jewelry, or plain hoops and no necklace. Sometimes a plain top and diamond stud earrings with several bracelets is plenty. I like classic flat high quality shoes and high quality purses.

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