Sophia Fashion Archetype Embodies Simple Elegance and Grace

Sophia embodies the simple elegance and grace of the Camelot era: Retro Sixties sheaths, solid and restful colors charactertize this fashion archetype.

By emphasizing simplicity in her fashion choices, this inner goddess guides you to a wardrobe of easily mixed and matched garments in classic styles.

When this style icon goes to her closest, she usually can find something that feels right and looks good.

Contemplation and Search for Spiritual Insight Inspire Sophia to Keep It Simple

Sophia's wisdom is acquired through spiritual experience (gnosis). She is an historical figure in the Gnostic phase of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Jean Bolen writes that this icon embodies archetypal qualities of our wisdom years, in Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women over Fifty).

This feminine archetype characterizes the energy of the spiritual leader, as well as the woman for whom prayer is private.

Other forms of feminine spiritual wisdom may be found in transcendent nature experiences or creating art.

Sophia Goes for Simplicity

This feminine archetype wants her style to have a peaceful, restful effect on those around her.

If you are old enough to remember television interviews with Jacqueline Kennedy, you may recall her soft voice.

Mrs. Kennedy Onnassis blended this fashion style with Metis emphasis on designer names and quality.

If you have a hard time imagining this goddess archetype flying off-the-handle in a fit of diva pique, you are on the right track.

Her emphasis on classic draped lines and simplicity helps her put together an effective, working wardrobe without a lot of pen-and-paper basic wardrobe planning.

Pastels, Neutrals, and Natural Fabrics Preferred

This goddess archetype favors clean lines that drape gracefully on her curves. Princess lines, subtly flared skirts, and easy-care crinkled, broomstick fabrics are part of Sophia's fashion vocabulary.

Solids and Subtle Hues

Prints and busy details are not found in the Sophia wardrobe.

Her colors are neutrals and pastels, soothing blues, greens, and lilac. Red, orange, taxi-cab yellow, or other brilliant shades are not found in this closet -- even though her wardrobe might benefit from the occasional color pop.

Solid colors also are flattering for heavier figures. Solids make a unified and calming impression.

Simply Comfortable Elegance

Comfortable drawstring-slacks, lightly embroidered tops, and clothing that does not call attention to itself appeal to the Sophia fashion archetype.

Her clothing, like her personal energy and goals, is calming and easy on the eyes.

PotpourriShop Potpourri Group group shops, such as North Style and Serengeti Collection, also offer possibilities.

Sophia is not attracted to heavily embroidered garments, beads, sequins, and bling. Her jewelry is simple and often meaningful, such as wedding bands, a charm bracelet of family memories, or religious symbols.

Soft fabrics and softly draped dresses and tops are another Sophia hallmark.

Add A Little Color for Joyful Harmony

A more deeply hued color can do a lot to warm up this fashion category. Too much of pastels and neutrals can project an image of being stand-offish, distant, or just a bit boring.

Sophia may never want to wear bright red or orange, but jewel tones such as sapphire blue or emerald green can maintain a peaceful mood while adding some color depth to ensembles.

Bright shoes and handbag can add a special touch to a palette of neutrals.

Heads In the Clouds May Work Against Best Foot Forward

A contemplative woman may not often consider her wardrobe. But there's nothing wrong with looking one's best.

The Sophia energy may be centered in the timelessly spiritual, but she also may have to work, do errands, and be a source of comfort and advice for family and friends.

Two Examples of Subtle Changes

One of my friends found a creative outlet crafting hats, because head covering is required by her spiritual path.

Another, also on a spiritual path, almost always dresses in white pants and top. She has started to add scarfs with touches of color or metallic threads to add sparkle -- and she seems more joyful herself.

These simple changes are consistent with focus on the transcendental.

Don't Confuse Comfort with Baggy

The challenge for this fashion archetype is not confusing baggy clothes that are too big with well-fitted fabric.

Dresses, blouses, and trousers should skim the figure, accenting assets and drawing attention away from trouble spots.

We will not find styles that are low-cut or tight in the closet of a woman who is on this path in her later years.

How Sophia Relates to Other Fashion Archetypes

Metis blends well with this style approach, when the woman invests in upscale and designer clothing. These often illustrate simple elegance.

Athena's practical wisdom tends to dark colors and polished business wear; Sophia's look is softer and more gently feminine.

Aphrodite-Baubo in your profile will ensure that you add some feminine ruffles and lace for beneficial feminine variety.

Hecate will encourage those handcrafted details that can add such personality to your style, yet are timeless. This is a great archetype to blend with Hestia.

The sporty Artemis, with her no-nonsense approach to style, shares some overlap, as neither archetype has much use for useless ornamentation.

Domestic Diva Hestia in your profile will add lots of clothing to wear around the house to your closet, if you have both of these inner goddesses in your fashion profile.

As for Kali, who wants to shake up people with exciting fashion surprises, this archetype is at the other end of the spectrum from Sophia's emphasis on peace and harmony.

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