Teal Color Teams with Strong Colors, Pastels or Neutrals to Create
Vivid Effect

Teal color, turquoise color, blue-green – call it what you will. This is my color. Women are searching everywhere for turquoise sandal, turquoise dresses, and turquoise handbag.

Brilliant blue-green shades look great for fair-skinned, light-eyed women, but I have also seen dark-complexioned, dark-eyed women wear turquoise to teal hues with flair.

Turquoise Is the New Neutral

I love my teal wristlet, just big enough for my Kindle and everything else I need, without weighing down my arthritis with a heavy shoulder bag.

It adds a bright splash of color to just every summer outfit.

One woman, seeing this little blue-green purse, said, "Turquoise is the new neutral."

Is there any color with which teal cannot be paired?

Melon, tangerine, and shades of beige called nude, blush, and the like are popular for spring-summer 2012.

Turquoise color definitely compliments these.

Turquoise is a chic color that complements -- or is complemented by -- leopard print clothing and faux animal prints.

Turquoise Works Well with Other Strong Colors

What about yellow? Emerald green? Sapphire blue?

The right shade of blue-green definitely can enhance these, conjuring up Caribbean dreams of sun-kissed lagoons.

Turquoise color and teal color will coordinate fashionably with most other strong jewel tones. Harper's Bazaar (Brilliant Buys, 2008) likes turquoise with purple and sorbet pink. The article suggested letting the rainbow colors stand out by teaming them with cool khaki.

Red and Turquoise: Surprising Color Combo That Works

The color red was once reserved for royalty, and turquoise in the form of semi-precious jewels was revered by Native Americans and South American peoples.

It's only natural that putting them together creates a head-turning combination.

I spice up a red coat dress that is showing some age with a watercolor scarf, festooned with merry butterflies. The scarf, with its many shades of red and blue-green, unifies the outfit with a bright teal wristlet.

After the Pantone Color Institute named turquoise 2010 "color of the year," PrintWeek headlined the trendy shade of teal color as a hue that "beats the winter blues."

Turquoise Light Helps Babies with Jaundice; No Wonder It Feels Good to Wear

"In many cultures, turquoise occupies a very special position in the world of colour," PrintWeek quoted Leatrice Eseman, Pantone's executive director.

"It is believed to be a protective talisman, a colour of deep compassion and healing, and a colour of faith and truth, inspired by water and sky."

Research suggests that turquoise light helps babies with jaundice, according to two articles in 2007 in the research journal, Acta Pædiatrica.

Maybe that's why I always feel so darn good when I wear my bright turquoise linen blazer.

Give Winter Holiday Red Dress A Spring Jolt of Blue-Green

Fling a scarf of brilliant turquoise color over your crimson winter dress to give is a sunny twist that evokes island waters and endless skies.

Luscious turquoise and silver jewelry is another way to give red dresses a fresh and different look.

As a semi-precious stone, turquoise is most often paired with silver for jewelry that evokes themes associated with the Native Americans of the U.S. Southwest as well as Mexican folk arts.

Archaeologists document extensive trade in the stone between the two Americas.

"The peoples of the ancient Southwest and Mesoamerica also had a passion for the opaque blue-green stone, which they valued as a mark of high status and prized for its ritual significance," according to Archeology magazine (Powell, 2005).

The stone was linked to fertility and agriculture, especially maize.

Take A Cue from Interior Design Uses of Teal Color

Interior designer Mary Douglas Drysdale views turquoise as a vibrant color that is enhanced by combining with other strong colors (Ross, 2006).

In one master suite, she used it with an almost sapphire blue. Remember those jewel-tone match mates mentioned earlier?

Softening it into an aqua shade, Drysdale uses it to enliven brown with a few touches in the masculine area of the room.

In sum, whether you like bold shades of turquoise color, lighter aqua, somewhat greener teal color, or any blue-green hue, you will be in fashion whether you choose a turquoise sandal, turquoise dresses, a turquoise handbag, fashionable jewelry, a scarf or any other accessory in this fabulous shade.


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