The Color Yellow Sparks Optimism and Creativity

The color yellow can be cheerful and bold, spark optimism, and creativity. Shades range from creamy, buttery, and feminine hues that are near neutrals, to green-yellow chartreuse, and taxi-cab yellow.

Who Can Wear Yellow?

Many shades of yellow can be difficult to wear.

If you have a fair complexion with a slightly gold undertone, a yellow dress may be a good addition to your women's summer clothes.

Redheads and light-colored blonds with light eyes - green, blue, or gray -- also may be able to wear lemon-inspired clothes.

Chartreuse is often shown on dark-complexioned models.

mature woman wears yellow dress

Science Explains Why Yellow Is Optimistic Color

Yellow is considered an optimistic color, with good reason.

The brain releases more of the feel-good chemical, serotonin, reports Precision Intermedia, drawing on industrial psychology research.

When the hue is bright or overwhelming - says a bold yellow room - the body's metabolism gets faster. This has desirable and less positive results.

Paraplegia News (2009) reports that yellow aids digestion.

Wear The Color Yellow to Feel Creative and Focused

Don citrine if you want to feel more creative. Yellow enhances focus; perhaps the reason for yellow legal pads.

Don't be surprised if a baby cries when you show up decked out in strong yellow or if you detect a note of irritation in the conference room. All that extra inner energy gets people all wound up.

On the other hand, we cannot assume that any color - be it the color yellow or the color chartreuse - will produce a single effect or one meaning.

Use Yellow In Right Places for Best Effect

In a study that tested color preferences in Asian and Western populations, the marketing researchers concluded that yellow does not have associations as strong as those for some other colors,such as red and blue.

Intermedia suggests that yellow be used in smaller amounts and in the right places for advertising - and that's good wardrobe advice as well.

How to Wear Yellow If It's Not Your Color

If you cannot wear yellow or the color chartreuse close to your face, choose accessories to make this fashion color coordination work for you.

Wear a scarf in a flattering color for your skin tone with that striking daffodil dress, blouse or jacket you have to own.

A belt, handbag, and or lemony shoes are especially fine accents for your spring and women's summer clothes wardrobes.

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Yellow looks spiffy with neutrals and can perk up the white clothing that is popular right now.

Whatever you decide, whether it's a whipped cream dash of buttery yellow or a bold streak of chartreuse, yellow can add a cheerful accent to your wardrobe.

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