Truth-Seeker Heeds Call to Meaning in Life

The truth-seeker character-archetype is reflected in the annual vacation season.

We take to the roads and air in search of many different truths - relaxation, diversion, sun, love, friendship, romance, cultural exploration, and adventure.

Quest for Meaning Not for Faint of Heart

The great quest of the truth-seeker in late life is to find meaning. This may require discovery of the uncompleted parts of the self.

We must confront our shadow self, and we may not like what we find there. Such inquiry takes courage.

Genius psychologist Carl Gustav Jung believed we must recognize all parts of our conscious and unconscious selves to integral wholeness.

Carole S. Pearson (Awakening the Heroes Within: Twelve Archetypes to Help Us Find Ourselves and Transform Our World) says the seeker is the one who answers the call.

The call starts the hero's journey. The truth-seeker and hero are two of the best-known archetypal characters.

Obstacles Are Opportunities for Self-Knowledge

Each of us must encounter and overcome our personal dragons on our journey through life.

Your dragons may be outer obstacles and challenges. Or your dragons may be the inner epiphanies needed to find body-mind-spirit completion.

James Hollis calls this dimension of achieving wholeness the Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places (Studies in Jungian Psychology By Jungian Analysts).

Guilt, grief, fear, depression, and all those times when we didn't live up to our highest ideals, are less pleasant parts of the hero's journey.

Bravely Accepting and Journeying Marks Truth-Seeker

By bravely accepting and journeying through shadow experiences, the truth-seeker achieves maturity and wholeness. The seeker character-archetype integrates shadows and learns what it means to behave with dignity and grace, to become a grown-up.

Hollis writes the perspective of Jungian psychology is "the assumption that the the goal of life is not happiness but meaning.

"We may well experience moments of happiness, but they are ephemeral and can neither be willed into being nor perpetuated by hope. Rather, Jungian psychology, as well as much of the rich religious and mythological tradition from which it draws many of its insights, avers that it is the swamplands of the soul, the savannas of suffering, that provide the context for the stimulation and the attainment of meaning." (p. 8)

Truth-Seeker Answers Call to Hero's Journey

Many myths and legends illustrate the hero's journey. It always starts with the seeker archetype answering a call to do something.

This master story also is encoded in much popular entertainment. From The Odysseus to The Matrix movies, the truth-seeker is that one of the archetypal characters who moves forward answering the call.

Each of us may hear that call when we take time to listen to the lessons life is trying to teach us.

What Story Are You Called to Live?

No story is more important than your own. Now is the time to invite your inner truth-seeker to take the first step on the road you long to travel.

Books, podcasts, websites, and workshops are available to help you on your journey.

If you are called to adventure and travel, you may choose to travel with elders or in all women groups. You may travel to spiritual centers, with artists, to wine country, or wherever your passion leads you.

If you are called to be creative, investigate workshops at local museums, colleges and universities, or online.

You may learn a new language - or several - or a new behavior. You can even take courses at such top universities as MIT free.

What Call Do You Long to Answer?

The truth-seeker is the archetypal character in you who longs to follow your passion or to, at last, respond to life's crises with wisdom, grace, and maturity.

Astrologer Robert Wilkinson explains that this summer is a ripe time to explore and live your new archetype..

Have you heard the call to seek your personal truth? Have you started your hero's journey to truth and wholeness?

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