Tweed Jacket Is Heavy Favorite:
Profusion of Blazers Serves
Your Needs

The tweed jacket remains one of the most-after kinds of women's and men's apparel. Other styles of suit and casual jackets are also popular and good investments for your wardrobe.

On-trend styles include the boyfriend blazer that made its appearance on the fashion scene a few years back and the cropped leather jacket known as the scuba. This is an allusion to the close fit resembling scuba gear.

Jackets - Purposes, Fibers, and Styles

The most basic categories of jackets are those that are part of one's ensemble and those that are strictly outerwear.

The tweed jacket often is part of a suit. It was once associated with upper-class country wear, suitable for walking or horse-riding in brisk but not cold weather.

Tweed traditionally was 100 percent wool. Contrasting light-and-dark colors for the warp and woof of the fabric created a salt-and-pepper effect.

If you have a fabric fetish like many Fashion After 50 readers, you may be interested in the history of wool which is interwoven (pun intended) with the development of industrial society.

Jackets and Blazers Come in Fabrics for Every Need and Season

Today, many fibers are used to create the tweed texture. Wool, wool blend, silk, rayon, and various synthetics may be found in a tweed jacket, slacks, or skirt.

This creates more lightweight, durable, and less scratchy fabric.

Brown tweed once predominated. Today we see tweed in many colors - including black, navy, and multi, as well as glittering tweeds with metallic threads inter

These new lighter tweeds have expanded the seasonal uses of this fabric finish. Once strictly for fall and winter seasons, a tweed jacket in a blended fiber may be appropriate for spring and summer, especially in a brighter color.

Fabric Blends Mingle On Racks with Natural Fibers and Leather

Wool, cotton, linen, silk, leather, blends, and poly microfibers are popular textiles for jacket fabrication. Ladies black leather jackets and other colors such as red make a bold fashion statement.

The cropped leather jacket will compete with blazers, fliers jackets, car coats and other styles for your fashion dollar.

The velvet blazer is ideal for the winter holidays, special occasions, as an addition to your Bohemian style outfit, or an unexpected twist with casual slacks or even jeans.

An embroidered jacket adds a Bohemian touch yet is still polished. Unlined, it may serve as a shirt.

For cold weather casual wear, it's hard to beat the many benefits of ladies fleece jackets or a down jacket that pampers you with luxurious, soft warmth.

The Boyfriend Blazer and Other Styles

This kind of jacket may be single-breasted or double-breasted. A single-breasted jacket has one row of buttons that secures one edge of the jacket over the other.

The boyfriend blazer is a new spin on the single-breasted blazer, a jacket with relatively narrow lapels. It offered a roomier body, but still should fit correctly at the shoulders.

A double-breasted jacket has a wider overlap. The inside is usually secured by a single button inside button. On the front, one row of buttons secures the closure but the other panel is decorative for symmetry.

The double-breasted jacket evolved from officer's naval uniforms. It is one of many innovations that have become mainstream that originated in military style.

Look for variety and good deals on suits and jackets in the spring and fall.

Good Suit Is Foundation for Basic Wardrobe Planning

A tweed jacket or any other type of single-breasted blazer or double-breasted coat appears more casual when worn with contrasting slacks.

Jacket and slacks are always of the same fabric in menswear. Many women's suits dispense with this tradition and have a jacket and bottom of different color and sometimes even different fabric.

Because women's professional attire doesn't always mean a matching jacket and bottom, purchasing a fashionable jacket with versatile colors -- such as multi-tweed -- paves the way for creating a variety of new ensembles.

A long sweater coat is another great wardrobe extender that can be mix and matched with suit and separates.

A suit may always be used as separates to expand your wardrobe. The purchase of a good foundation suit should be part of your basic wardrobe planning.

In summary, the tweed jacket is as popular today as it was a hundred years ago. The style and the fabric may have changed, but this textile finish is always a classy addition to your closet.

Jackets and blazers come in many styles and fabrics, globally popular denim, so you are always sure to find something that will flatter your figure and complement many bottoms in your wardrobe.

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