Unique Clothing Style Starts
With Your Inner Self

Creating your unique clothing style is about self-expression more than shopping. The Style Imperative in the October 2008 Psychology Today supports the Fashion After 50 philosophy on that point. Fashion After 50 suggests understanding and allowing our inner goddesses to shine forth. Take the fashion archetypes quiz. Hara Estroff Marano writes with eloquence about style and identity.

“Style goes way beyond fashion; it is an individually distinctive way of putting ourselves together,” she states (p. 80). “It is a unique blend of spirit and substance – personal identity imposed on, and created through the world of things.”

The Fashion After 50 fashion archetypes quiz is a way of opening ourselves up to expressing our deepest sources of identity. Goddess archetypes represent ageless creative impulses that have inspired women.

Style Is Poetry Plus Confidence

Marano continues, “Our wardrobe is our visual vocabulary. Style is our distinctive pattern of speech, our individual poetry.” We learn to combine our personal preferences and punctuate our fashion statements as we create a unique clothing style.

You cannot create a strongly individual fashion statement until you know yourself. Marano states that style “demands the desire and confidence to express whatever mood one wishes. . . . In order to work, style must reflect the real self, the character and personality of the individual.”

“It’s possible to have lots of clothes and not an ounce of style,” she notes.

Style Is A Social Act

Accounting for Tastes by Eriq Gardner is a companion article on the magazine’s theme, Taste & Personality. He uses the Myer-Briggs Personality Index to characterize a few style categories, focusing on music and lifestyle choices. Style, he notes, is a social act. Gardner writes, “Expressing artistic preferences allows us to signal elements of our personalities, and these cues help us manage others’ impressions of us” (p. 77).

For some quick inspiration about why style matters – even when we refuse to be slaves to fashion – check out the October 2008 Psychology Today.

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