Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day

Unique ideas for Valentine's Day start with y-o-U. Creative and special gifts spring from intimate knowledge of that special person in your life and the rich texture of your love -- and they don't have to be expensive.

As a general rule, guys like doing things and gals like luxurious things.

Here are Fashion After 50's top five gifts for each gender.

Valentine's Gifts for Men Focus on Doing Things

Since men love doing things, give him tickets to do something he never seems to have the time or money to indulge - flying lessons, a hot-air balloon ride, a glider flight over your city, tickets to Monster Cars or NASCAR.

Horse riding or kayaking or a day at the beach are all things you may enjoy doing together.

A weekend away with you is good too.

If you can't get away, the Amazon.com gift card mall has movie theater tickets and restaurant gift cards.


If your guy loves gadgets, a unique Valentine's Day idea may be a Swiss Army Knife or another kind of interesting gadget.

Virtual reality goggles will please the sports fan and couch potato.

Whether he's a man who loves to work in his shop or to customize his electronic toys, there is bound to be some tool that he'll love. Or play it safe with a gift card to his favorite hardware or electronics store.


Some men are audiophiles, connoisseurs of a particular genre from rap to reggae, baroque to jazz.

Music or a gift card is a unique Valentine's Day idea that will appeal to many men. Shop online to find that unique album he's been looking for in all the thrift shop bins.

Gourmet Treats.

"A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou" is as fresh today as when Omar Khayyam wrote his famous Rubaiyat in the second century A.D.

If your weather does not permit an outdoor picnic, picnic on the living room floor on a plush blanket or throw - preferably before a fire.

A Good Laugh.

If he's the kind of guy who likes to kid around, promise him something big and bold and unbelievable.

Stick to it in the weeks preceding the big day. Then present him with a miniature version of, say, that Maserati he's always wanted.

Or promise him a trip to Italy and buy a video or coffee table book. See the Valentine shop at top for more unique gift ideas.

Unique Valentine's Day Ideas for Women's Gifts

Women are so easy to please. The stand-bys - roses, chocolate, lingerie, and jewelry - are always appreciated. But you're here because you want something unique.

Let's try to kick it up a notch.

Flowers - of the month.

Don't settle for one puny bouquet. Fete your love every month with something different.

Handmade truffles.

When a trip to the local chocolatier is drab, you can scour the web for treats from around the world -- such as handmade truffles.

Wearable art.

Novica has assembled a collection of artisan-made clothing, jewelry, and collectibles from around the world.

From a hand-woven shawl to a hand-painted kimono, she will be delighted with this unique gift.

Shop One of a Kind Shawls & Scarves at NOVICA -- but of course, the selection is not limited to this.

A Day at the Spa.

What woman does not want to hear that she deserves a day off, all about her?

The Spa Finder gift card in the Valentine shop, left, enables her to choose from members near you.

Take 10% off all gift card orders of $100 or more using promo code TAKE10 on spafinder.com!

Take Her Away for a Day -- or More

Morning at a flea market, a light lunch you've made specially for her (even if you picked it up at the deli and crammed it into a picnic basket, and an evening holding hands watching a chick-flik -- it doesn't have to cost a lot to mean the world.

And find more in our Store

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