Unique Necklaces Show Your Style Savvy

Unique necklaces can make a dramatic fashion statement. Colorful or memorable accessories can make or break your look.

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Necklace Rivets Attention Where You Want It

Chunky, colorful necklaces are fun and need not break your budget.

Layering strands is a great way to achieve a casual, Bohemian look. This style also can fill in a V-neckline if you are not well-endowed or have skin you prefer to hide.

With the stratospheric prices for gold and silver, a statement necklace can be a big investment. Be sure it is is a versatile style that you will love for a long time if you choose to make a larger purchase.

Be Remembered for Your Signature Style

As a young reporter, I learned the value of a statement necklace as your signature style. A flamboyant public relations agent wore a unique necklace of stone Eskimo fetishes.

It was striking. It was beautiful. It was memorable.

I haven't seen her for decades, but I still remember her and that eye-catching accessory.

Use Jewelry to Express Your Style Essence

Unique necklaces can expresses YOUR fashion essence. This is a wardrobe investment that earns interest for years to come.

A necklace is dramatic way to update one's wardrobe and detract the eye from noticing older women's clothes or figure flaws.

Handcrafted, chunky, and unique necklaces remain a strong fashion trend. Macrame-and-bread breastplate type styles recently showed up on high-fashion runways.

Gold chains are another perennial favorite. And pearls always add an elegant and high-class touch to an ensemble.

How to Choose Your Perfect Unique Necklace

Some blouses incorporate the necklace trend into jewels or metal trim around necklines or down the front.

Here are some tips for wearing unique necklaces.

  • Buy long strands that trail down the front of your chest if you have a short, stocky neck. A choker is not for you.
  • If you have chicken skin on the neckline, a longer necklace that draws the eye down is most flattering. Alternatively, wear a scarf with the short necklace strand layered outside.
  • A choker or short necklace that encircles the throat draws attention to a slender neck and beautiful skin.
  • Consider weight and proportion. If you have small features, avoid a heavy piece with large stones. If you have strong features, a very thin chain may not show up.
  • Wear your necklace against an appropriate fabric. Very heavy settings will not look good against a gauzy fabric. A fine chain will disappear against a heavy woolen sweater or jacket.
  • Proportion matters. One appropriate proportion is for the distance from your chin to the bottom of the necklace to be equivalent to the distance from your chin to your nose.

Unique Necklaces for Each Fashion Archetype

Sophia. Striking simplicity will be preferred by women who embody the spiritual wisdom and simplicity of the fashion archetype Sophia.

Strong simple geometric shapes in silver, less costly than gold, fit the emphasis on the ephemeral over the material that characterize the Sophia fashion type.

Sophia also will like necklaces that have leaf motfs and remind of the joys of nature.

Hecate. An earthy turquoise necklace, interwoven with iconic patterns, are suitable for Hecate, goddess of crossroads and magic.

Hecate will gravitate toward semi-precious stones that have healing meanings, such as peridot for protection or citrine for confidence and wealth.

Hecate will appreciate some of the more colorful costume jewelry necklaces that mimic real stones.

The Hecate archetype, gardener of herbs and scents, resonates with leafy motif of this creation.

Metis. If ever any fashion archetype were made for gold, it is Metis.

Zeus cast aside his first queen, Metis, for Hera. Then he ate her, so that he could absorb the wisdom of this sophisticate who had helped him with the corporate take-over from the older gods of ancient Greece.

Metis would prefer one distinctive gold necklace that she wears all the time to dozens of costume jewelry trinklets.

If it features a diamond and ruby pendant, all the better.

Hestia. Our domestic diva would like nothing better than a necklace that commemorates the birth stones of her children, husband, and herself.

Moonstones or a seashell pendant also pay homage to Hestia.

The moon goddess energy has many interpretations, such as Yemanja rising from the sea in Brazilian myth, the Virgin Mary in Christian imagery.

Kali. With the power over life and death, no goddess possesses more drama than the Hindu Kali. As a goddess of change, her energies often appear during times of great change and transformation in our lives.

Color necklaces that can't be missed appeal to this bold sign. She is most likely to combine many different necklaces that others wouldn't think of combining.

Athena.Peridot is a stone that promotes balance and healing, and resonates with the practical wisdom of Athena.

It helps promote common sense when it comes to love, as well as the vision to tune into one's destiny and what to do in life. The person who wears peridot, it has been said, will sleep better, too.

Artemis. The goddess of the hunt is an active gal who doesn't want any jewelry that might slow her down.

Wooden beads strongly appeal to her. Any necklace that resembles natural elements, such as a leather orchid or gold leaves, may catch her fancy.

Western Navajo jewelry in silver and turquoise is another choice.

Aphrodite/Baubo. Pearls and moonstones are elements the capture the romance of this sign.

Unique necklaces that appeal to this sign will be detailed, perhaps with a cascading waterfall of beads.

A simple ribbon around the neck, centered with a beautiful brooch, also is romantic for this fashion archetype.

In summary, a beautiful necklace can add an understated finishing touch to a casual outfit or become an elegant focal point. Whether you choose beautiful but inexpensive costume jewelry or real jewelry to last a lifetime, select pieces that express your inner and outer beauty with joy.

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