The Value of Storytelling Ranges from Inner Healing to Preserving Cultural Values

The value of storytelling is embodied in the archetype of the Griot or Storyteller.

This character archetype transcends months and seasons.

Vietnamese Water Puppers

Like the July sun, ancient stories burn brightly across the centuries, emblazoning their lessons in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Why Do People Love Stories?

Here are four ways to view the value of storytelling.

#1. Stories preserve the heros and values of a culture or culture.

Heroes enshrined in the stories provide examples of qualities for younger people to emulate, such as courage, compassion, creative problem-solving, cooperation, honesty, and integrity.

#2. Stories pass down family history. This way, we honor the achievements and antics of previous generations.

We give ourselves and our children connection to those who came before and those who came after.

Storyteller Transmits Values & History

Culture and family history stories create a context in which we may view our responsibilities as citizens of the world.

#3.Personal narratives and other therapeutic uses of writing down your life may heal the wounded child and individual spirit or soul.

This is another way of fashioning our selves. This deep topic is treated in many books, workshops, and seminars to guide you.

#4. Developing your fashion archetype and personal styleis a way of expressing your personal story and telling the world about yourself.

The Gemini Connection

The storyteller archetype is associated with the zodiacal twins, Gemini, the sun sign for mid-June to mid-July.

"How do we keep our lives interesting? That is the real Gemini question," writes Dana Gerhardt in The Mountain Astrologer.

She suggests "another Gemini icon, the Storyteller" is useful.

"Applying a storyteller's imagination to life can help us weave Gemini's myriad interests into a series of successful adventures.

The secret is all in the plotting," (p. 14, June/July 2010) Gerhardt writes.

Are You the Heroine of Your Life?

In our times, the story has almost become a Jungian-archetype it itself. We hear people say, "My life is like a movie."

They mean that events in their lives are so exciting, coincidental, tragic, or unusual they resemble the plot of film.

A story, conversely, reflects life as it is lived.

Using Archetypes for Fashioning Your Deepest Self

Jungian therapist June Singer wrote that Jung believed the first 40 years of life are for gaining experiences and the next 40 are for making sense of them.

It is no wonder that personal narrative writing is a favorite subject of workshops and seminars, especially at senior centers.

Each character archetype is a chance to use the value of storytelling to make sense of universalpatterns of human experience.

Each person uniquely manifests the patterns of familiar Jungian archetypes. Similarly, every fingerprint is an example of the category of fingerprint-ness while each is different from all others.

Workshop Facilitates Your Connection with Lived Archetypes

To discover the Jungian archetypes that comprise your inner self is a way to connect with the deepest threads of your experience. It is to become the griot of your life.

I am certified to present the Pearson-Marr Archetype Index workshop.

In this interactive workshop, you create a pie chart that uncovers 12 Jungian archetypes in your life.

We employ the value of storytelling by sharing about anecdotes that illustrate our lives. We also create new scripts using the archetypes.

In an intimate group of 15 people or fewer, we will explore the qualities and characteristics of Jungian archetypes and shadows in a kinetic activity.

Finally, we will integrate our understanding of these life patterns by developing brief script scenarios.

The discovery of these deep inner connections to our character archetypes may open a door to greater wholeness or unleash your creativity.

What is your personal narrative? Which Jungian archetypes do you live?

Experiment with personal narrative writing and unleash the value of storytelling for self-understanding.

I give the workshop by special arrangement at a cost of $50/per person plus my travel costs.

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