What Colors Go With ?: How to Use Hues to Create Fabulous Fashion Combinations

What colors go with red, yellow, orange, gray, white, blue, teal, mauve -- you fill in the blank.

Learn the secret on this page, and you will be able to combine fresh new color combinations right out of your closet.

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If you were looking for information about what colors will flatter your skin tone, we've got you covered there, too: Just click here.

Every month, tens of thousands of people ask search engines to find an answer to what goes with a particular color.

You can coordinate almost any two colors in today's eclectic style environment if you pay attention to this one thing: hue.

Color trends and regional preferences are other factors to consider when you are evaluating how to put together an outfit.

Lastly, the science of color vibrations explains why we feel differently wearing some colors and how colors may affect others' perceptions of us.

How Hue Affects Color Combinations

Hue is the darkness or lightness of a particular color. This depends on how much white, black, brown, or other dulling shade has been mixed into the color.

For example, we might expect that any shade of green will look good with most any other green. Right?

Not so much. Pale mint green, as fresh as spring with an undertone of blue, will not complement deep olive, a fall color with tones of gritty brown in it.

Saturation Is Another Word for Color Strength

Saturation is the richness of the color.

A fully saturated color is often a jewel tone that shines as brilliantly as the stone in a ring -- bright emerald green, deep red, sapphire blue.

It may seem as if the fabric cannot hold a single molecule more of dye.

A saturated color will look good with another saturated color or a more lightly-hued version of itself.

Exceptions to the Rule of Hue

Neutrals are big exceptions to the rule of hue for fashion color coordination.

What colors go with white? You will be hard pressed to find anything that does not.

White is, literally, the absence of color. It reflects all light waves.

The question is whether your skin tone is flattered by pastels, jewel tones, or rich fall shades.

What About Skin Tone and Hue?

Very light skinned Caucasian women often look washed out in white and pastels. Mediterranean and brown skin tones look terrific in white.

What goes with black, most shades of gray, and neutrals such as khaki and taupe? These also may be teamed with most any other color.

Dark colors, such as navy blue and very dark green, may be worn with a wider range of colors than many women suppose. Experiment and have fun figuring out what goes with what color.

Color Trends Shape Perception of What Color Goes with What

Color trends also factor into what color goes with ______ answers.

Back in the Sixties, people thought turquoise and orange were a color combo that popped - and it embodies the pop culture of the era.

Today, it is strictly retro for mid-century modern homes and Tiki bars.

Where You Lives Influences Color Combination Choices

What colors go with any other given color also engages regional preferences.

New Yorkers and many busy professionals in big Northern cities find black the ultimate in sophistication.

It resists showing dirt. You can wear it with most any other color, including brown during some seasonal trends.

On the other hand, come down Florida way, and you will find color combinations embody the bold and bright hues of the Caribbean and tropics.

The Science of Color, Vibration, Mood and Meaning

If you know even a little science, you know that light waves are vibrations, just like sound. A wonderful TED talk by artist Neil Harbisson will take you to the new frontiers of this research.

Harbisson was born color blind. Now he wears a special technology innovation that allows him to hear color frequencies. This leaves no doubt that the human body is sensitive to color vibrations.

Do Color Meanings Matter?

Some of the meanings of color may seem superficial, but humans have attuned to these impressions through trial and error over eons.

If you want to be seen as powerful, do not wear a sherbet-colored suit to a business meeting. Red is a power color.

Blue suggests willingness to collaborate and get along with others. Lawyers and defendants are well-advised to wear this color to court.

If a blind man can learn to see colors from their vibrations, there is no reason why a certain colorful vibration might not make you feel enthusiastic and energetic or out-of-style and unimportant.

How to Coordinate Prints with Confidence

Prints are a great way to step out of your comfort zone for fashion color coordination.

Scarves are a minmal wardrobe investment. If you have an idea for a fresh color pairing, try it out with a scarf with those shades. If people compliment you, you will know it worked.

What About Print-with-Print Combinations?

Animal prints are ripe for trying out bold new color combinations. Leopard print is a melange of several neutral colors. Try it with a pop of mauve, teal, or lime green for a fresh look.

Take the stark black-and-white patterns of zebra skin -- or any black-and-white optical print -- and add the wildest neon solid you can find such as orange peel, taxicab yellow, or boldest cobalt blue.

Achieve a Bohemian look by pairing print-on-print. Here again the secret of what colors go with each other is hue.

Make sure several of the same colors carry through both prints. It also looks good to pair prints with different proportions; for example, a medium-size graphic stripe with a small flower print.

For more about how clothing colors may be used to express your personality and to find out what colors go with a particular color, just click on the links on this page.

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