Sophia Plans Her Mother-of-the-Bride Ensemble

by Wendy
(Texas, USA)

I am 46 and live in jeans and t-shirts as they are comfortable and clear of designs.

I am interested in finding something to wear to my daughter's wedding in the coming year.I don't want to disapoint her or myself with wearing something that doesn't look right.

I am also a bit overweight but am working on that. I am bottom heavy with small chest area so wearing a size-numbered dress is usually out of the picture.

I am not confident in the world and shopping for clothing is just not my thing to do. I don't want to see myself in the mirror and be disappointed.

Hi Wendy --

Best wishes to the bride and groom for many happy years together. Best wishes, as well, for a smooth and happy day.

You don't say where you live in Texas. If your city has a store that specializes in wedding dresses, use it. They also should have clothing for the rest of the wedding party, including mother-of-the-bride and -groom garments.

You also can check out the bridal department services at stores such as Macy's and Neiman Marcus for help.

If no such service is available where you live, it may be worth a trip to a city for help.

A specialist can help you make the right choice. Fitting services should be available, especially because you are not a regular size. If anyone is rude, move on to the next store. You will be spending enough money to deserve polite consideration from the shop.

The formality of the wedding and whether it is a day or evening event also will influence your choice. I would suggest a darker bottom and lighter top.

You can check out this page about women's wedding suits. Insofar as you will need the garment altered and state that shopping isn't your thing, I suggest you get ideas online but purchase locally where you can get good service.

Please enjoy yourself at the event and be your wonderful, warm self. That matters more than your clothing.

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Country Couple Goes Uptown Wedding Advice

by Stephanie
(Hadley, New York)

My son is getting married at a Country Club in Oct. I have been given a full-length, princess cut, long sleeved dress to wear. The dress fits like a glove, feels good to wear and my husband says it looks awesome!

My problem-it is a black and white crazy pattern. The neckline is a squarish/oval scalloped design and is very becoming. What size/type of necklace should I wear?

Small components or large/black and gold or should I implant color? I make my own jewelry and I can't decide between large black beads or smaller sized beads.

Also, since I can't wear heels I plan on wearing my dress cowboy boots=also black. Do you have any advice?

My husband and I are horse people and live in a private forest in the mountains. We don't do big fancy things so this will be the last big thing we have to attend!

Thanks for your time!

Hi Hadley --

How lucky can one gal be to get the perfect-fitting dress! Best wishes to the happy couple for a perfect day.

Both of your suggestions -- black beads or add some color -- will work. Another stroke of luck is that you make jewelry and can design the perfect accessory for the occasion.

I'm inclining toward black.

The main thing that is left out of your question is the element or proportion. Proportion matters in terms of the print and your facial features.

If you facial features are small, big beads -- and for that matter a bold, over-sized print -- can dwarf them. Ropes of smaller black beads would balance a big print but complement smaller features.

On the other hand, if the print is medium-size or large and bold and your facial features are strong enough to carry off chunky jewelry, big beads will work.

Most of the time, I think, we intuitively know if something "looks right" or not. This often has something to proportion or scale being off. So go with your gut.

I'm not at all sure I like the idea of cowboy boots with a long gown. Might you invest in some little pumps for the occasion? Surely you will have occasion over the years to use them.

On the other hand, you feel certain that this look works for you. If you are confident this is so and hubby and son approve, go with it!

Enjoy yourselves, and do post a photo of you all dolled up!

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