White Dress Pants Are Chic Fashion Statement

White dress pants make a chic style statement. They are essential summer clothes for women for nautical fashion ensembles and crisp tropical outfits.

Winter white womens trousers express confidence and poise, but remember that many wool and wool-blend fabrics require frequent dry cleaning.

White may not be ideal for womens work pants but definitely make a chic fashion statement.

How To Buy Women's Trousers That Fit

The two important things to consider when making your purchase are fit and fabric.

Fit includes where the waist, front styling, lining, leg width, and length including cuff. Let’s look at each of these.

Waistbands that fall below your natural waistline may be uncomfortable and emphasize a muffin top, if you a fleshy midriff.

Drawstring and elasticized waists are not appropriate for dress wear -- even though they are very popular summer clothes for women.

Some styles now have adjustable waists with a hidden elastic tab at each side. I love these hidden adjusters.

What Type Front Is Most Flattering?

Some fashion gurus believe that a flat front with darts is the most flattering style when a woman starts to have some weight around her stomach.

This is not my experience. A flat front shows your paunch from the side view, especially if you tuck in your blouse.

Pleated front pants are easy to wear. This tailoring has disguised men’s tummies for decades, and it is comfortable. It is easier to tuck in tops for a trim, professional look.

Lining Ensures Panties Won't Show

Sun shining through the fabric of your white dress pants is notorious for revealing your underwear. One solution is to wear lingerie in your skin tone.

Linings may be only in the top of the pant – a half panel – or all the way down. A full lining will help your womens trousers hold their shape.

Be sure that the lining is breathable and won’t cause you to sweat on hot summer days. A lining is also a great way to protect against a scratchy fabric, such as wool.

Leg Width Varies with Fashion Trends

Wide leg pants come and go in popularity. The 2011-2012 forecasts and slacks in the stores feature wide legs.

Wide legs were long associated with sailors, so they are especially appropriate for nautical fashion. This ensemble is traditionally a double-breasted blazer in navy blue, white pants, and a horizontally striped knit top.

Pant Length Should Create Long Lean Line

Your white dress pants must not drag on the ground. Decide what heel height you will be wearing and have them hemmed so that the bottom is about a half-inch higher than the bottom of your shoe.

Chic pants that create a long, lean line flatters most figures. A cuff creates a horizontal line that disrupts an elegant vertical flow and will cost more for tailoring if you must have the slacks hemmed.

Summer Clothes for Women Offer Fabric Variety

Cotton and linen are the traditional fabrics in summer clothes for women. Silk is an upscale choice for your white dress slacks that creates the look and feel of luxury.

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Many new fabrics and fabric blends offer versatility such as being stain, sweat, and microbe resistant. This ensures all-day appeal for your chic pants.

Bamboo, Hemp, and Organic Cotton Are Sought After

Bamboo fiber and hemp are becoming known as environmentally less harmful alternatives. Organic cotton also is sought-after by green-living enthusiasts.

In summer, white dress pants are a worthwhile investment because they can go with so many different tops and jackets.

In winter, white creates chic pants that are versatile andsophisticated.

Invest in white dress pants made in a quality fabric that fits you well, and they will be worth spending at the top of your budget in terms of cost-per-wearing.

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