Winter Fashion: Hot Styles that Keep You Warm

By Eileen Rowe, International Fashion Gawker

Colorado -- Winter fashion promises you can keep warm in fabulous style with an infinity shawl, printed puffy jackets, sumptuous sweaters, or a touch of glitter and fur.

Elegant shades of blue are popular for day and evening.

Nobody beats the Colorado apparel chain Gorsuch for Winter fashion.

If you want to model your wardrobe after high-end styles, this is the place to start your search - even if you can't afford the prices.

Their sumptuous stores in Aspen, Vail and other resorts in the Rockies have led the way in luxury looks for 50 years.

Exquisite cashmere sweaters and fur trimmed, butter-soft leather jackets can carry four-digit price tags.

The Scoop on Colors, Styles, and Accessories

It's still worth a visit to their showrooms to gawk the latest trends. With imagination and resourcefulness, we can make or find equally charming knock-offs.

Here's what's gracing the Gorsuch mannikins for the coming season:

Navy blue, winter white, and brown dominate colors.

Dark navy proliferates this year. We also see plenty of winter white and brown. Last year the colors were grayer, with more black hanging on the racks. Maybe it's a sign of the improving economy and our spirits lifting.

knitted infinity shawl deep blue
Infinity shawl in regal deep blue.

Infinity shawl can transform into a hood.

This is a knit tube that wraps around the upper body, including upper arms from shoulder to waist. Infinity scarves recently have been popular, so its no surprise that warmer ones would come out to play in winter.

When the wind blows, the wearer can pull it over her head like a hood.

It also is wonderful for disguising older tops under an eye-catching new accessory.

Printed puffy jackets lose bulk, add pretty colors.

They're lighter weight and prettier than those dull arctic elephants of the past. I also saw many puffy vests with high collars.

I couldn't resist photographing a ski jacket that is as colorful as any summer dress. The price-tag also blew me away.

Puffy winter jacket with floral print
Puffy jackets are blooming.

Three-quarter sleeves are featured.

I thought we'd seen the last of that length that made our arms freeze in winter and had us sweating in the summer.

Now the truncated sleeve is being used on jackets more than on blouses. When I asked the salesperson about it, she said she expects long gloves will fill the gap.

Winter fashion boots, ankle height with straps
Strappy winter fashion boots in Colorado.

Ankle boots get strappy.

Boots that fit nicely under our pants remain a wardrobe staple. Notice the straps on the winter fashion boots in the photos.

Hiking, skiing, horseback riding, and all outdoor sports are popular in the Northwest. These strappy books project a rugged outdoorsy image, perfect for the Artemis fashion archetype.

Short winter fashion boots have tops from just under the ankle to seven inches up the leg.

Clunky loafers are another highly visible winter fashion style. They are great for kicking around in casual clothes, especially if it has a good innersole.

Over-the-knee boots were not yet out when I was in Colorado, but expect them as we get into the heart of the cold months.

100% alpaca sweater Illusion (Peru)Click on photo to purchase alpaca sweater.

Long knit sweaters make you want to cuddle up in them.

Cardigans that cover a lot of skin reach down to mid-thigh. The bulky knits that we saw last year remain on-trend.

The beautiful art sweater, left, is among those offered at Novica. Click on photo for more information. Novica works with National Geographic to bring the work of artisans around the world to your door.

Shop Women's Alpaca Apparel at NOVICA

Romantic glitter is low-key this year.

glittery evening bag
Glittery evening bags.
Sparkly touches are in evidence, but not as predominant as in the past. Rhinestones, crystals, sequins, and beads embellish evening bags, vests, and scarves.

White shirts and blouses flaunt flourishes.

Out West, shirts and blouses are shown slightly tucked at the waist. Frou-frou, white-on-white embroidery and ruffles seem to be everywhere.

A few white shirts and blouses are long and loose like men's shirts.

Some of us are reluctant to tuck in our shirts, believing that tent-like tops conceal figure traits we'd prefer not to have.

If your slacks or skirt fit properly, a tucked-in shirt can accent your pretty waistline without emphasizing a tummy or love handles.

Poncho in fall color.
Poncho in popular blue.

Hooded pullover jackets go long.

The designer versions of hoodies reach to mid-thigh. If you can find some at lower prices that are long, snatch them up as a bargain.

Well-worn skinny jeans are popular.

Black, white and classic blue denim were everywhere at Gorsuch. There was not one pair of wide, floppy pants in sight.

This is a look that we older women have to be careful with. Pegged pants, tight pants, and leggings can make hips seem larger by narrowing at the ankle.

Jackets and caps show Tyrolean flare.

The German/Austrian dirndl and tyrolean hunting jackets haven't made a come-back. They never really went in or out of style.

The new versions are tailored at the waist and less bulky.

So that's the winter style news from Colorado, one of the most progressive regions of the country. If you are looking for practical ideas about how to incorporate the latest in winter fashion into your wardrobe, this list probably holds something you can use.

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