Woman Body Types: Fashion Rx Teaches How to Flatter Your Figure

Woman body types is treated clearly and concisely in Style Rx: Dressing the Body You Have to Create the Body You Want so that you will learn exactly how to choose clothese to flatter your figure.

The book covers two dozen diagnoses and prescriptions for short and long necks, narrow and broad shoulder, chests, arms, waists, fannies, thighs, legs, tummies and even feet.

This is almost the perfect companion book to Mary Lou Andres' Ready to Wear.

Andres writes that we must try on every outfit in our closet - in a three-way mirror - to see what looks best. Raes focuses on the guidelines for making decisions about what works.

Using Clothes to Flatter Woman Body Types

Raes effectively explains how to draw attention away from body type problems and focus on assets.

Fashion Rx about woman body types is has lots of photographs of ordinary women. These compare and contrast outfits that flatter and detract from appearance.

Hue Intensity Enhances Color Compatibility

A fascinating part of Style Rx explains there are four elements that create "Balance and Harmony: intensity, texture, movement and necklines."

Intensity is the quality of our skin tone, hair color, and eye color.

Photos reveal how colors that are too bold can wash out the appearance of a woman with low intensity, lighter features. or darker features that are low intensity because they are too similar.

Colors also can be low intensity if they are too similar to darker skin.

Learn to Form Your Own Opinion

I am not sure that I fully agree with Raes' suggestions in every instance.

I thought that the dark suit and white shirt was more flattering on a dark-haired, African-American female than a suit and lighter, grayed-out suit and blouse.

That's how to develop your own style Rx -- consider whether and why you agree or disagree with another's fashion principle.

Three Reasons to Like Style Rx

I recommend this book for three reasons.

First, Raes and photographer Loi Berkowitz use ordinary women. This provides more realistic images of how these style suggestions will look on us.

Second, the section about color intensity provides a fresh perspective when building a wardrobe.

Third, this book exemplifies the philosophy of Fashion after 50: Every woman can look her best with a bit of effort and imagination.

Ready for More? Suggestions

Essential Style, Essential Self. An introduction to how to dress and wardrobe building to express your inner self.

Pants: A History Afoot. Fabulous lavishly illustrated coffee table book of how this garment came to be.

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