Women's Dress Slacks: Secrets of Fitting Room Revealed

Women's dress slacks offer a prototype for measuring the fit of your pants. <

No one wants a pooched-out stomach, a camel toe, or a waistband that cuts.

Such flaws are downright embarassing when we are wearing women's dress slacks for business or an important event.

So let's reveal the fitting room secrets that can make the difference between looking sad or sensational.

Sit in Your Women's Dress Slacks

One of the first things to do is sit.

Do not sit on gingerly on the edge of a bench in a fitting room. Sit squarely. Take your time.

Make sure the fabric of the women's dress slacks does not bind, or feel tight, anywhere - waist, crotch, and upper legs.

Some cubicles no longer have a seat inside; there is usually one nearby because some shoppers must sit to try on clothing.

Sitting will show if the fabric develops spider lines that quickly shake out or remain looking terrible.

Check the Position of the Waistband

Visually, womens dress slacks should appear to hang from the waist.

The waist should be a circle around your body, parallel to floor. The waist tends to dip lower across tummy if one is overweight.

If your stomach creates a pooched-out front, try single or double-pleated front classic womens dress slacks.

If nothing can be done, cover this with a tunic blouse and/or long jacket.

How to Get the Length Right

Wear the shoes you will wear with the slacks when you try on the pants. Dress slacks are typically worn with low or medium heels.

You should not be able to see top of your shoes when you walk, and the hem should not drag on the floor at the heel.

The inseam is the length of the pant from the seam that extended inside the leg, from the crotch to the hem.

Jot down the length. You may need to know it for online purchases.

This rule is different for slim-legged casual slacks. It is acceptable to see the toe of your pointy-toed cowboy boots.

I am seeing even shorter lengths worn with heels for business attire. I don't like this look. Here's why.

The new, tighter slacks that hug the hips taper toward the ankle, revealing instep and then shoe. I strive to create a long, lean line from waist to pants hemline.

Breaking this long line moves the eye upward to the figure flaws I want to de-emphasize.

You may want these shorter length slacks to wear with flats or low-heel sandals.

Use a Good Tailor or Seamstress

If you are investing in a good pair of women's dress slacks, it is worthwhile to use a good tailor or seamstress to get the fit right.

One or two good-fitting work pants in a quality fabric will last for many years. I take good care of my dry-cleaning only work garments by removing them as soon as I come home from the office.

Take Fabric into Account

Avoid fabrics that will radiate wrinkles from the crotch of the slacks when you stand.

This is called binding, and it means the pants are too right.

A touch of Dacron, polyester, silk, or Spandex will prevent cotton and linen from wrinkling. Spandex and other stretch fibers have the added benefit of enhancing the trouser fit.

Go Vertical not Horizontal

Avoid horizontal lines.

Any horizontal line emphasizes the width of the body at that place. Do you want to draw eyes across the breadth of your behind?

For casual womens pants and jeans with pockets on the back, look in a mirror that gives a full rear view. Do the pockets create unflattering horizontal lines?

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