Women's Long Trench Coats Pack Glamor into Deceptively Traditional Style

Women's long trench coats are a deceptively plain foundation for a glamorous ensemble.

Worn with a scarf covering elegantly-coiffed hair and jumbo-sized, super-dark sunglasses (even on the darkest day, darling), you may find paparazzi trying to figure out which Hollywood star you are.

Keep your eyes out for women's coats on sale as a great way to add this design classic to your basic wardrobe.

Who Should Wear A Trench Coat?

The trench coat is the coat of choice for spies, private eyes, and celebrities in disguise everywhere.

This classic style has endured as a popular style because:

  • It looks businesslike.

  • Water repellency and a lining make it a practical choice that spans the seasons and protects from severe rain and all but the most biting cold.

  • Durable, long-lasting fabrics and construction ensure low cost-per-wearing economy.

  • This wardrobe must is not going out of fashion any time soon.

You will look chic and stylish in your classic women's long trench coat for years (and maybe decades) to come.

When Is a Trench Coat Not a Trenchcoat?

Many coats these days labeled as a trench coat are not. Some do not have the most basic features of this military-inspired classic:

  • Gabardine twill that is water repellent or waterproof.

  • Tie belt at waist of same fabric.

  • Collar and lapels.

  • Deep pockets.

Optional features are capelets at the front and back, epaulettes, shoulder straps, and other embellishments.

The trench coat in women's styles may be single or double-breasted.

The traditional women's long trench coat colors as military derivatives, such as khaki, tan, and olive green.

For a rainy-day pick-me-up, a nontraditional red trench coat in flame, fire-engine, cherry red or even maroon.

Trench Coat Styling Originated During World War I

Fashion sources agree that this unisex outerwear originated during World War I.

Today, women's long trench coats may be made of fabrics such as wool and leather.

Shorter lengths also have evolved to define the women's rain jacket.

If you are fashion style purist, you may not agree that beltless coats, coats without lapels, and other variations fulfill expectations for this style with its vintage roots.

Purchase Woolen Trench Coats on Sale for Enduring Bargain

Look for woolen versions among women's coats on sale in the spring. Lightweight examples are most likely to be offered at price reductions in late summer and fall.

Here is a selection of women's long trench coats, shorter versions that define the women's rain jacket, and a few wild cards for you.

This articles sometimes uses the alternative correct spelling, trenchcoat, to please shoppers of either preference.

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