Women's Resort Wear 2008-09
Features Artistic Details

Women's resort wear featured colorful details and youthful ideas at The Manatee Market Fall 2008. Jackets and necklaces pointed the way for adding a bit of color and flare to winter outfits anywhere. You can use a detail, such as playful handpainted buttons, to update an item already in your closet at minimal cost.

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Fantazia jacket

The star of the Manatee Market may have been this richly earth-toned Fantazia jacket.

It is composed of ribbon-like overlapping fabric flaps. You can see how they extrude past the bottom edge of the jacket.

This jacket is so versatile, it's a shame to limit it to women's resort wear. Most every fashion archetype can find more than one use for it. It can go almost everywhere with slacks and skirts from now through Thanksgiving. In cooler regions, it can be worn with a long-sleeved knit shirt.

Jacket details

These close-ups, above, show the delicate sequins and embroidery of two more Fantazia casual jackets. It may take a bold Baubo, Hecate or Kali fashion archetype to pull off these bright resort wear jackets.

Hand-painted jacket

The whimsical Stick Chics line features hand-painted details and buttons on this jacket. It does not look like fleece wear on the outside, but the inside is soft as chamois.

Notice the hand-painted dogs and colorful buttons on this jacket, below, perfect for cool winter days in the Southern tier of the U.S. The playful zebra-print button placket is a nice detail if the jacket blows open. Inside, the cornflower blue T-shirt has a single hand-painted dog saying, "Woof" -- another nice touch.

Stick Chics Jacket

These Stick Chics jackets, below, show the bow closures. Both jackets have colorful button plackets. The black jacket is inscribed with gold scrolls. The variety of styles and colors suggests Stick Chics may appeal to the inner goddess of many fashion archetypes.

Sticks Chics jackets

"Older women have more choices than ever before" to look great, said Hy Kaplan, in his booth at the Manatee Market.

We may have to look past the youthful faces and sylphlike bodies of fashion models to find what we like. But the search can be more than half the fun. Here are some more trends from the Manatee Market Fall 2008. Click on the links for photos and more information.

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