Womens White Suit: You'll Be Dazzling by Adding Strong Colors

A womens white suit dazzles as summer clothes for women, cruise wear, or any time of year in a tropical climate.

A lace suit or team a white jacket with pants separates to build your own women's white suit. Mouse over image for product information.

A little bit gypsy, Bohemian clothes manage to be retro and trendy at the same time.

A winter-white suit in wool or one of today's superb engineered textile blends is especially chic during the holiday season as on warmer days as spring approaches.

Winter white is usually ecru or ivory white.

Linen blends, cotton, rayon and micro-fibers prevail for warmer weather.

Today’s wrinkle-free and washable fabrics make care easier than ever for your womens white suit.

Why Your White Suits Need A Lining

Look for a quality lining in a white or any light-colored fabric suit. It looks cheap if the sun shines through so that your under garments show.

A white suit will look best when worn with strong colors. One petite business executive said she feels like an ice cream cone when she wears a pastel suit.

Use clothing accessories for women artfully to avoid an appearance of feminine weakness in the corporate world. Accessorize a light or pastel colored suit with strong colors.

Don't Look Like A Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

If you want to wear white but fear looking saccharine, remember three words: Attitude, Tailored, Accessories.

Your first step is to own that white suit: Step out with confidence swagger and pride. Never let the clothes wear you.

A second trick is to make sure that the shirt is tailored and not frilly.

A silk shirt will look businesslike. Let the dark navy blue or crimson collar spread out over the jacket lapels. Add sunglasses for a sophisticated touch.

A silk knit pullover gives a more casual, sporty air.

How to Accessorize Your Womens White Suit

Avoid white clothing accessories for women. This will give the ensemble a washed-out appearance.

Another no-no is dark stockings. You may be able to get away with navy blue with blue shoes and shirt. Black is deadly.

Navy blue, red, or camel are strong choices for fashion color coordination. Just remember not to match shoes, bag, belt, and blouse, or you will look like a 1950s woman caught in the Twilight Zone of fashion.tan.

If the color-of-the-season is one you cannot wear close to your face because of skin tone (see fashion color coordination, add a snap of the flavor-of-the-month for your belt and handbag.

What Colors Complement Your Winter White Outfit?

A winter white suit may be complemented with such colors as dark brown, forest green, blue, and purple.

Gold and metallic women's fashion accessories may be appropriate for evening wear with a dressier womens white suit.

Pick a blouse that complements the accessories but is not necessarily the same color. If you need a jewel tone or pastel close to your face, use it for your top.

Navy blue shoes and handbag, for example, might be relieved with a hot pink, fuschia, or coral or orange shirt.

Add a pin or bracelet in the color of the blouse to the lapel of your womens white suit.

Animal Print Accents May Be the Right Touch

Camel tan accessories will look especially nice with an animal print shirt.

Tiger, leopard, or zebra print fabrics are pleasing combinations with tan leather and a womens white suit. You might replace the leather handbag with a faux animal-print handbag.

For most corporate settings, avoid animal-print shoes, especially if the heels are very high. Exceptions are fashion magazines, public relations shops, and other creative milieus.

If you have a social occasion after work, leopard print shoes will add a dressy touch.

Red Lipstick Is A Must Wtih Red Accessories

Red shoes and handbag are eye-catching clothing accessories for women with a white suit. These may be worn with a red blouse, navy, black polka dots or print.

Be careful that the shades of red match or harmonize.

It’s especially important to wear a shade of lipstick that complements the red of your blouse.

A womens white suit is a classic look for women's summer clothes. When accessorized with strong colors and tailored shirts, this look can go from boardroom to beach-view restaurant elegantly.

Tops For Your Women's White Suit

Add a nice blouse in a bright or dark color.

For special or evening occasions, you may want a romantic blouse with ruffles or a sheer elegant fabric such as silk.

Another alternative is a ruched top that drapes attractively. These often offer the flexibility to go from office to evening with style.

Pros and Cons of Your Womens White Suit

A white suit can be a dazzling addition to your wardrobe. It is stunning for cruise or warm weather wear, and it can stand out during the winter holiay season in ecru or ivory.

White isn't easy to keep clean, even in today's extraordinary engineered fabrics. So factor in frequent dry-cleaning costs when you consider cost-per-wearing of your suit.

p> White can wash out some complexions, especially those of fair women who have lost the dewy freshness of youth. This is handled by using fashion color coordination to find a top or scarf that brings out your color.

Darker complexioned women are fortunate can look like a goddess in white.

You will find that you can combine a white suit with many different clothing accessories for women to achieve a variety of different outfits -- and that's a plus, too.

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