Zappos Shoes Com: Selection, Free Shipping, & Fast Refunds Make It Easy to Find Comfort, Syle

Zappos Shoes Com is the preferred online retailer by Fashion After 50 readers.

A few years ago, it became my preferred way to find attractive, comfortable shoes -- but Zappos sells a wide range of clothing for the whole family.

My reasons for choosing Zappos are selection, free shipping, and fast refunds.

I'm not a frequent shopper: I choose quality over quantity. I take good care of clothing, so it usually lasts.

Who's Your Favorite?

I infer that Fashion After 50 readers are having similarly positive experiences, because this online retailer racks up more sales to you than all other featured merchants combined.

If the fitting instructions were accurate, the merchant does not have control over how the item works with our unique body shapes. Inaccurate sizes can be a legitimate problem.

I handpicked Zappos as one of the affiliate merchants for this site because of my good shopping experiences.

Why Buying Shoes Online Makes Sense

Buying shoes online may not immediately seem like a good choice for Internet shopping. Feet and fit are unique. Different styles by the same brand may even fit differently.

Even though I live in a populated area, no local retailer can compete with the diversity available from Zappos Shoes com.

If I find a style I like locally, I may not be able to get it in the color or size I need.

When Retail Shipping Beats the Clock

Sometimes the local store offers to order it for me. Amazingly, the delivery time can be longer than what it takes me to get my order by ordering over the Internet.

I usually order three or four pairs of shoes so that I can compare fit. I keep one or two of those.

I recently found out when I tried out another online shoe store that return shipping is free only if I re-order the shoe in a different size.

That has not happened to me at Zappo's.

Free Shipping Both Ways Is a Plus

Because Zappos shoes com offers free shipping both ways, the whole process is just like trying on several pairs of shoes – in my living room.

A return shipping label is enclosed. All I have to drop off the box at the local post office.

Of course, ordering several pairs of shoes knowing that I will have to return some means I have to trust the merchant will treat me fairly. Returns so far have been fast and trouble-free.

You Have an Ethical Responsibility Too

You have to do your part, of course. Don't wear the shoes for a prolonged time to see if you like them.

Soles, tops, and insoles must not show signs of wear. Wear them inside on carpet, briefly, just as you would if trying on shoes at a storefront.

Please wear hosiery when trying on shoes or sandals. This is especially true if you have toe fungus, common among older people, or if your feet are sweaty.

Do not wear the shoes outdoors or on any surface that will scratch and scuff the soles.

The Rules for Returning Clothing

Do not try on clothing if you are sweaty.

A well-known customer trick is wearing a fancy party dress to the event, then trying to return it. Many stores do not accept returns of prom and party dresses.

Check Zappos Shoes com returns policy for the item you have purchased. Never try to return clearly used items as of they are unworn.

Honesty is a two-way street. Shoppers who scam a merchant who offers good customer service can ruin things for the rest of us.

Summing It All Up

Instead of spending a few weekends looking for comfortable womens shoes, I no longer have to run around hoping to find a single pair that fits and looks good.

The complete womens shoes catalog at Zappos shoes com offers me more than enough selection. I can immediately see what colors and sizes are available.

My orders are delivered quickly; returns are simple; refunds are fast.


Fashion After 50 may earn sales commissions from Zappos if you link to the store from an ad or product on these pages. See bottom of page for links to affiliate disclosure, privacy policy, and terms of site use.

This article was not requested by Zappos, was not paid for by Zappos, and Zappos had no editorial input into what I wrote.

Do you have an opinion to add to clothing retailers online?

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