Fashion Skirts: You'll Own the Room Wearing New Longer Lengths

Fashion skirts are an elegant way to show off perfect boots, flirty sandals, or elegant beaded shoes. Skirts are basic apparel and wardrobe necessities, so emphasize familiar designs do not go out of style.

Maxi skirts that end about mid-calf look good with taller or ankle boots.

Recent trends for spring-summer 2017 include:

  • longer lengths -- right down to the ankles
  • stripes in everything from discreet banker pinstripes to wild cabana colors
  • denim blue -- ageless and timeless
  • gentles shades of pink from blush to rose
  • embroidered touches, lace, patchwork, ruffles, and romantic sheer fabrics.

Skirts Are Versatile Wardrobe Investment

Every closet should have several fashion skirts in neutral colors that fit your lifestyle needs and perhaps one with a pop of color to lift your mood.

A skirt, like good-fitting pants, is a must-have purchase.

Some of us can still look great in a pencil slim skirt. A slit skirt, whether long or short, is perenially sexy. And slits are in.

Pick a length that flatters your figure.

For example, shorter gals are better off with lengths that end at the knee or ankle. Tall women can wear most anything; after a certain age, minis may feel and look inappropriate for many of us except the most daring or Bohemian.

A figure-flattering skirt can be eminently versatile.

Gored Skirts Skim Hips to Flatter Figure

A gored or panel fashion skirt presents a tailored look. Make sure it fits well at the waistline; have it tailored if needed.

Pleated skirts create a bunchy look around the hips -- exactly where most women don't want it.

If you are short or pear-shaped, Look for a thin fabric that will not create bulk at the widest part of your hips. A broomstick cotton or rayon may work for you. This body type should avoid pleats for shorter skirts.

A flat panel that extends to the hips and hold the pleats is another solution. This also enables tunic tops, long sweaters, and jackets to drape in more flattering lines over the top of the long pleated skirt, without add bulk.

Black and White Are Terrific Wardrobe Basics

A good-fitting black skirt and white blouse is a chic fashion statement and a fabulous investment. Please buy the best you can afford when you find one that fits. A slit skirt is especially sexy in black.

A long linen skirt in white or natural can be sophisticated and professional when worn with a jacket.

Long white or ivory skirts also may feature lace or patchwork motifs of different textured fabrics for a festival look. This is great for beach, flea market excursions, and other casual activities.

A fashion skirt in a bias-cut A-line or slim line may be appropriate for business wear in some professions, such as real estate agent, party planner, or other people- and trend-oriented careers. You usually do not want a slit skirt for business wear.

Long Skirts Are Perfect for Patios, Resort and Cruise Wear

Long summer skirts have never gone out of style, so the current trend toward ankle-length maxi-skirts builds on this perennial preference. For business or professional wear, be sure the skirt is tailored and wear it with a tailored top and a blazer.

Gauzy and see-through fabrics are not appropriate for most work places.

Many long fashion skirts also do well for a Bohemian ensemble and are sometimes known as peasant skirts. Every Hecate and many a Kali will have several different colors in her closet.

One reader wondered what skirt length is stylish and age appropiate, discussed on the linked page.

Plaid Can Be Difficult to Wear

These new lighter tweeds have expanded the seasonal uses of this fabric finish. Once strictly for fall and winter seasons, a tweed jacket in a blended fiber may be appropriate for spring and summer, especially in a brighter color.

Plaid skirts are tricky. Pleated plaid can especially make the hips look very wide, indeed, unless you are rail-thin.

Plaid creates horizontal lines, and lines that cut across the hips are undesirable except for the thinnest ectomorphs. Stripes are best when they are cut an angle, patchwork, or vertical.

If you love plaid, here are three ways to avoid the curse of a strong horizontal across your hips:

A bias cut draws the eye diagonally and down. T

Soft colors that fade into each other, rather than bold contrasts, will minimize the horizontal effect.

A smaller plaid print that fools the eye into seeing small checks rather than long lines minimizes horizontal lines.

Two figure flattering styles for mature women are A line skirts and gored skirts. Many women also like the luxury of a silk wrap skirt.

Leather, Silk Chiffon, and Suede Are Luxury Textures

Other textures that women want are the long leather skirt, the silk chiffon skirt, the long khaki skirt, and suede skirts.

When buying a professional womens suit, consider whether the skirt length and fit will convey the businesslike image you are paying for. A big slit or a flirty pleated hemline may be too sexy for environments. Pleats may make you look broad and dowdy, especially from the rear.

You will want to project confidence when wearing your business suit, so it is worth the time to choose one that looks good and makes you feel good, too.

A women's wedding suit, often chosen by mothers of the bride and groom, usually has a skirt, too. So you will want to consider these suggestions when choosing one for this big occasion.

In summary, fashion skirts have amazing style longevity. A figure flattering skirt is a good investment in a neutral color. This is a wardrobe acquisition that warrants spending as much money as you can afford, especially if the skirt is one you really like.

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