<Chic Womens Raincoats with Personality Hand-Picked for You

Chic Womens Raincoats with Personality Hand-Picked for You

Beautiful womens raincoats can brighten a gray day and lift your spirits.

Double-breasted, belted, sometimes with epaulets and buckles on sleeves, lined or unlined, the trench raincoat never goes out of style and can go anywhere.

Womens raincoats are dominated by trench coat styles. The plain brown wrapper is a classic, but manufacturers are missing huge potential by not offering unique styles and colors.

Trenchcoat In Neutral Colors Dominates

The tan or black trenchcoat has become almost the only style available for women's weather outerwear. That's a shame.

It's a fashion classic -- but why does it have to be the only fashion?

Stylish Womans Raincoats Prove Worth Over Time

Wardrobe guru Mary Lou Andre is enthusiastic about a woman's raincoat purchased at an art fair. It's proven a good value despite its hefty price.

It's perfect for laying over other garments - such as sweaters and jackets - because it is unlined.

Layer Shells, Ponchos, and Capes. If you find a beautiful raincoat you love without a zip-out lining, you will find other ways to keep warm underneath.

I got a few extra years' use out of a velvet evening coat past its prime by hiding it beneath a black faille rain cape. The velvet sleeves and hood added elegance, drama, and warmth.

A rain cape or poncho may be another way to beat the rainy day fashion blahs.

Think outside the box for ways to replace boring womens raincoats with something colorful or unique.

Read Fabric Care Directions Carefully

Read Fabric Care Descriptions. When purchasing a raincoat, be sure to read the fabric descriptions carefully. Some are water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Slickers with PVC or rubberized coatings may be waterproof, but sweaty and hot underneath. Some raincoats may not be dry-cleaned.

Rain Jackets Are Popular

There are many women's rain jackets these days. In heavy downpours, it’s our legs that are drenched, not torsos protected by an umbrella.

With the perfect umbrella and rainboots, even a plain brown wrapper trenchcoat can become fun or glamorous.

Unique Umbrellas and Boots Add Fun and Glamor

Umbrellas are some of today's brightest rain gear products.

A few are shaped like gloriously colored flowers.

Other umbrellas reproduce famous art, such as Van Gogh's Starry Night and Tiffany stained glass.

We even found a unique umbrella with an LED lighted handle for a futuristic look.

A rain hat is another useful accessory to tuck in a purse, when you don't feel like carrying an umbrella.

Long Trench Coat Is Becoming Hard to Find

I like a long trenchcoat to keep my clothing dry in South Florida's fierce downpours. Mine dates back to the 1990s, and I've lost the fabric belt. Click on photo of long silk-look raincoat, left, for product information. Shop Womens Apparel at Appleseeds!

Another great find is any brightly colored or printed raincoat -- trench or otherwise. I keep my eye out for red coats, because it's an eye-popping color that I like a lot. It is challenging to keep products on that page.

Almost every trench has a zip-out lining these days and can double as a winter coat. In upstate New York, I use my overly large shabby long trench with a hip-length jacket underneath for cold days when I visit.

The versatile trenchcoat travels the four seasons with a bit of imagination and layering.

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