Our Fashion Trend Reports Highlight Sensible Chic

Fashion trend reports originate from the big fashion shows that occur bi-annually in sophisticated cities such as New York, Paris, and Milan.

I interprets what's new for budget-conscious over-50 women who wants to look stylish.

Fall Fashion Trends: Velvet, Ruffles, and Burgundy Top Our List

The newest report is the first item in the Trends and Seasons section of the Navigation index, left column. Older reports are indexed on this page and eventually are killed.

Fashion Trend Reports Are Influenced By High Fashion Art

Fashion as art includes the most dramatic creations. These designs push the limits of fabric and design construction.

These trend-setting women's clothes are the ultimate in fashion creativity. We see elite women sitting next to the runways, because only the richest people can afford garments that may costs in the thousands -- or tens or thousands -- of dollars.

These garments are often carefully preserved by the women as pieces of art, each wearing documented along with the accessories worn. They may eventually end up in museums as examples of the finest fashion produced by a specific designer or period.

Fashion as art are the styles that make us laugh, gasp, or wonder what the heck the designer was thinking.

The crafting is superb. Much of the work is done by hand seamstresses.

These innovations influence the trendy womens clothing in less extreme versions. Some of the trends make it to the affordable racks from which most of us shop.

Titillating Fashion Challenges Social Mores

Fashion as titillation includes peek-a-book, see-through, and barely-there designs. Sex sells, according to advertisers, and styles seem to get ever bolder and skimpier.

Sometimes, a designer may try to address a social issue with a particular line of clothing. For example, homelessness and violence have been treated by controversial designers.

Major magazine and websites feature titillating styles that influence young and edgy trend-setters in the big cities - New York and Los Angeles - to adopt these avante-garde designs.

Being sensibly chic is the opposite of rushing to adopt what's hot (and may be gone tomorrow)in trendy women's clothing.

The goal is to be up-to-date, tasteful, and age appropriate.

From Haute Couture to Sensible Chic for You

Fashion for the budget-conscious, style-aware over--50 woman is sensible chic.

These designs may not be innovative or cutting edge.

Fashion After 50 trend reports select styles that are most flattering to the over-50 woman.

The goal is to appear to wear trendy women's clothes without busting the budget or appearing to desperately hold on to youthful fashions that are best consigned to a younger generation.

Here are Fashion After 50 fashion trend reports, emphasizing sensible chic.

Fashion Trend Reports Archive

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