Clothing Accessories for Women Keep You Looking Trendy and Chic

Clothing accessories for women ensure your look is up-to-date and chic without going overboard on spending.

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For a fraction of the price of buying a new suit or dress, you may be able to update wardrobe items with items that, truth to tell, may soon be out of style anyway.

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Women's fashion accessories include:

  • flowing fabrics
  • bright colors
  • rococo prints and trim
  • handcrafted touches
  • nontraditional footwear - sandals, boots, barely-there ballet slippers
  • uniques necklaces and other jewelry

The principles to keep in mind when choosing accessories are function, proportion, and visual interest.

Function: What Purpose Does This Accessory Serve?

Let's take shoes -- one accessory most of us cannot go without. Are the shoes for business, casual wear, or a special occasion?

Are the shoes intended to be a neutral that will go with many outfits? Or are the shoes an accent, such as leopard skin fakes, that will jazz up everyday suits or casual clothing?

Many of us contend with foot, knee, hip, and back problems that govern our shoe choices. Fashion After 50 has dedicated several pages to help you decide what shoes to wear, and find comfortable chic professional shoes, and casual footwear. There's even a page about diabetic dress shoes.

Watches are another item where function plays a role. A watch with a large face may not be the prettiest accessory, but you may need it to tell the time quickly while at the movies.

If you want something prettier and with designer panache, a designer watch is something that well be worth the price if you calculate price-per-wearing.

Scarves are usually worn purely as accent pieces. You will want to consider what color flatters your skin tone and whether it will stay in place, given how rigorous your activities may be that day.

A shawl can be an accent piece, as well as providing much need warmth on cool evenings or in air-conditiong. Check on this page about how to wear a shawl for a dozen tips.

Proportion Helps You Pick Perfect Clothing Accessories for Women

The latest fashion accessories are a way to draw eyes toward your best features and away from areas you wish to disguise.

Proportion should guide your choices of the relative sizes of the handbags and belts you purchase, as well as the kinds of prints you select for scarves and clothing fabrics.

A unique necklace can become a signature piece that makes a style statement. If you have small features, a necklace made of large stones with a chunky pendant may seem out of place.

Large women look silly carry tiny purses. An exception is the popular wristlet, larger than a wallet and smaller than a handbag, with compartments galore to keep you organized.

As well, a scarf with a bold pattern will look better than one with a dainty floral.

Your goal was choosing clothing accessories for women is to complement your assets so you look and feel your best.

Visual Interest Adds Spice to Your Outfit

Noteworthy womens fashion accessories can make your oldest clothing seem new and fresh.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, for example, collected broaches that were eventually displayed at a museum.

These beautiful pins transformed business suits into something unique and special. A small ritual such as this one -- picking out the perfect accessory for the day -- can transform the morning blahs into a tiny delight.

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Whether you love shoes, earrings, necklaces, scarves or hat, specializing can make this category of clothing accessories for women your signature style.

If you have a tiny waist, perhaps you want to call attention to it with fabulous belts.

If you have great legs, be sure to wear shoes in a color that contrasts with your skirt or dress.

If your eyes are your best feature, earrings will draw eyes to your face.

And if you are bountifully endowed, you may want to develop a collection of unique necklaces or scarves.

Shopping Savvy for Clothing Accessories for Women

As when purchasing any other clothing, consider whether the item is an investment that will last many years or an ephemeral trend piece.

Good quality leather shoes, handbags, or belts may have an initially high purchase price but last so long that the cost-per-wearing is very low.

Don't skimp on luggage. You don't want to find yourself lugging a bag with a broken handle or wheel across the expanses of an airport or train terminal. A friend warned me this could happen, and eventually it did. Thank goodness I was at my apartment building and did not have to lug the broken suitcase too far.

When it comes to frivolous colors -- such as the neons and sherberts that come and go with the seasons -- take into account that these womens fashion accessories will soon be sitting at the back of the closet.

Accessory trends come and go. In winter 2011-12, eco-conscious ragg wool gloves were a hot item. They are a classic for outdoor wear and won't go out of style -- but who knows what gift accessory will take center stage next.

Look for sales, specials, and resales when buying whimsical ornaments to update your wardrobe clothing accessories for women or just for fun.

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