Womens Summer Clothing: Beat the Heat with These Four Cool Looks

Your womens summer clothing will beat the clock, as well as the heat, if you include four timeless classic looks that are flattering for older women.

These timeless looks are:

  • country cotton red-and-white checks.

  • tropical prints.
  • the nautical look using navy blue and white.
  • crisp seersucker dresses and suits.

Gingham Country Checks Evoke Nostalgic Charm

Red-and-white cotton checks, also called gingham, have a homespun country look. Today, there are many color permutations of this classic fabric.

Traditionally cotton fabric, gingham checks are ideal for a blouse or a summer sun dress.

Pair a red-checked blouse with bright yellow shorts or yellow accent sandals and handbag, for a combination that is fresh.

Whether you choose shorts, a blouse, or a simple red-checked scarf, gingham is a classic look for womens summer clothes.

You also may find these fabulous check in other cool colors, such as yellow, blue, or multi.

Tropical Print Fabrics Are Always Fun

Tropical prints evoke umbrella drinks and the fast-talking women of 1940s screwball comedies and film noir -- or Margharitaville, depending on your cultural idiom.

A tropical print top can brighten a neutral pant or skirt of black, white, or khaki.

The history of tropical-print-dresses, blouses, and shirts emerges in the 1930s and has never truly subsided.

Our love for these colorful, cheerful fabrics permutes over time; for example, in these whimsical bird print fabrics.

Summer wouldn't be the same without colorful tropical print womens summer clothing.

Seersucker Offers Summer Comfort Since Exotic Days of Camel Caravans

Seersucker fabric has a fascinating history. Its origins extend back six hundred years or more.

Like khaki, batik, silk, and tropical prints, it is an Eastern import to Western culture.

Wrinkles woven into the stripes are the secret of this wicking fabrics enduring appeal.

Navy blue and white seersucker was the only color for years. It came in a thin pinstripe.

Today, many more seersucker patterns are available, and the stripes may be of varying widths. Colors include gray-white, green-white, and red-white stripes.

Here's a round-up of current styles and a rundown of seersucker's place in history.

Nautical Style is Red, White, and Blue

Nautical fashion has been a favorite for nearly 150 years.

Influenced by Breton seaman's shirts, enlisted Navy sailor's tunics, and officers' brass-buttoned dress uniforms, today's nautical fashion can be put together inexpensively and always look sharp.

Add red accessories -- sandals, handbag, nail polish and lipstick -- for drama.

Here's a selection of nautical fashion, including jewelry and hats, for you.

The sailor pant was one of the earliest influences on womens wide leg pants and remain a fashion staple to this day.

To sum it all up, these classics looks in womens summer clothing are crisp, comfortable, and wise clothing investments that can be stylishly worn year after year.

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