6 Tips for Bohemian Fashion: Arty, Edgy, Ethnic & Enduring

Bohemian fashion never goes out of style. It captures the essence of femininity, artful costume, and edgy recklessness.

A little bit gypsy, Bohemian clothes manage to be retro and trendy at the same time.

Here are some characteristics of Bohemian-fashion:

  • flowing fabrics
  • bright colors
  • rococo prints and trim
  • handcrafted touches
  • nontraditional footwear - sandals, boots, barely-there ballet slippers
  • jewelry - big, chunky, and colorful - and affordable

Flowing Fabric Is Foundation of Bohemian Fashion

Long skirts with tiers, flowing harem pants, and blouses with voluminous sleeves are typical of the signature style.

A romantic blouse or a tunic are perfect complements for a swirl of skirt or sexy black slacks.

A pretty tie-neckline, delicate embroidery, ruffled layers, and a cinched waistline turn any peasant blouse into a Bohemian shirt.

Romancing the Peasant Blouse

This style flows from the Bohemia region of Eastern Europe. Envision of the vivid costumes of Polish and Russian folk dancers, and you will be on the right track.

The Roma who emigrated throughout Europe from India also illustrate the gypsy-style-clothing theme in this diverse and flexible fashion look.

Shawls: Big and Embroidered

Wrap yourself in a shawl to complete your peasant costume. Ideal fabrics are soft velvet with a burned design or painted silk.

Fringe is a nice touch, too.

An alternative is a duster, very much in style. These add the flowing lines of a shawl without the problems of keeping it fetchingly wrapped.

Colorful and Exotic Past

Avoid muddy grays, taupe, brown, mauve, pastels, and other contemporary toned-down colors.

Along with the gypsy-style-clothing associations, the appeal of this design influence is its colorful past.

During the periods of immigration surrounding the 1920s and the Great Depression, people from this part of Europe were thought to be importing the radical ideas of socialists and anarchists.

Anarchy & Art Are Heady Mix

Anarchists were the terrorists of their day and responsible for some domestic violence.

Young people in Greenwich Village and other intellectual hot-spots, disgusted with economic hardship, associated themselves with these radical thinkers.

Eventually, they and the country outgrew the hard times.

Bohemian style goes on forever associated with edginess and art evolved.

Rococo Prints, Textured Fabrics Add Sensuality

Rococo style originated in the 18th century and features elaborate ornamentation. This retro style goes way back into the annal of history.

Scrolls and animals, flowers and curlicues, and patterns galore make Bohemian fashion fun and interesting.

Release Your Inner Wild Woman

Paisleys, one of the most ornamented of all fabric prints, is perfect for gypsy-style-clothing to appeal to the wild woman in you.

Bold florals that are neither tropical nor fussy are great for a skirt, dress.

A shawl is another great accessory for a Boho ensemble.

Textures Delight Touch and Sight

Textile textures are another element of the eye appeal of Bohemian style.

Brocades, tone-on-tone prints, burn-out velvet, embroidery, and highly textured wovens achieve your gypsy-style ensemble.

Avoid flat-textured knits, denim, and anything that looks suburban or proper.

When mixing textures, double-check compatibility. For example, a heavy tweed jacket or slacks may not look compatible with a super-sheer silk or cotton blouse. Instead, pick a midweight fabric.

Bohemian fashion is lavish and indulgent when it comes to fabric and embellishments.

Handcrafted Embroidery and Lavish Trim Are Feast for the Eyes

Embroidered vests, blouses, coat fronts, and jackets are staple features of ethnic apparel from Eastern Europe.

Quilting combines embroidered handiwork with practicality, because quilted garments are warm during cold weather.

Patchwork, The Original Recycling

Peasant people salvage expensive fabrics, making patchwork quilts both pretty and labors of loves.

Add some bling to your costume in the form of embroidered sequins, crystal jewels, or gold threads running through the fabric.

Go Ahead: Glitter & Shine

Gold braid is another trim that is lavishly applied to jackets and vests. It twirls around in rococo curves and decorates every outer edge.

Decorative painted, hand-crafted, or embossed brass buttons flaunt closures, rather than hiding them.

Here are some more examples of unique Bohemian-inspired clothes.

Flamboyant Footwear and Jewelry Reign Supreme

One thing you do not wear with gypsy-style-clothing is comfortable professional pumps with low heels.

Sandals, thigh-high boots, or barely-there ballet slippers are perfect retro-style-clothing accents for swirling skirt and flowing shirt.

Jewelry is big, chunky, colorful - and affordable. Layer ring bracelets all the way up your arm.

Buy an armful of costume jewelry necklaces at a flea market and wear them all at the same time. Or invest in a unique necklace that becomes your signature jewelry.

Tie a gold chain belt around your waist. Don't forget the big gold hoop earrings, something dangling and wonderful.

Bohemian Fashion Has Everything

If your neck can no longer stand up to the scrutiny caused by chandelier earrings, try some sparkling rocks on your lobes.

The fashion archetype most likely to embrace Boho is Hecate, goddess of healers, midwives, witches, and crossroads.

Nearly every style goddess has a day when she may feel a little Bohemian or want to indulge her inner Wild Woman. Kali, goddess of life, death and change will of course push any style to its limits, add a unique touch or interpretation.

Classic and sophisticated fashion archetypes -- Athena and Metis respectively -- will use only an element such as a paisley shawl to tone down this flamboyant iconic fashion look.

In summary, Bohemian fashion has it all -- color, texture, glitter, handcrafted details, and comfortable flowing fabrics.

Who could want anything more in a perennial wardrobe staple?

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