Fashion Archetype Shows How to Dress Your Inner Goddess

Your fashion archetype teaches how to use the transformational power of clothing to dress your inner goddesses.

Artemis outdoorsy fashion style
Outdoorsy, Casual
Hestia domestic diva clothing style
Domestic Diva
Athena practical and polished clothing
Polished, Practical
Metis Urban Sophisticate fashion
Urban Sophisticate
Hecate Bohemian womens clothing
Bohemian, Arty
Sophia simple elegance fashion style
Simple Elegance
Aprhrodite-Baubo feminine and sexy womens clothing
Feminine or Sexy
Kali Trend-setting fashion icon

Goddess myths evoke feminine qualities that inspire these fashion archetype categories, the unique creation of Fashion After 50 and how to dress.

What Style Blend Describes You?

You probably will find that you identify with more than one archetype fashion style.

You also may find that your wardrobe planning almost entirely lacks some qualities.

Understanding the iconic style that expresses your inner self can simplify wardrobe planning and how to dress.

Knowing Your Signature Style Simplifies Shopping

You will learn to think twice about buying a frilly blouse on sale once you learn your fashion archetype is sporty Artemis or the simple elegance of Sophia.

Click Here for Fashion Archetype Quiz

You will cull through racks of clothing quickly once you have a clear idea of your style and flattering colors.

You will be able to take advantage of sale items that perfectly complement what you already own or freshen up how you dress to reveal hidden parts of your inner goddesses.

How to Create Your Unique Blend of Fashion Style

You've probably heard the saying that it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

How you dress can become a stereotype that pigeon-holes you in limiting ways. A fashion style without surprises also can become boring.

Understanding the fashion characteristics you have in abundance and those you might show more helps you with wardrobe planning that expresses who you are and want to be.

Romantic Aphrodite/Baubo may dress too young. She may need a little of sophisticated Metis or practical Athena, especially if she wants to be taken seriously at the office.

Hestia, the Domestic Diva, may over-indulge her desire for comfort and give up a part of her self-expression that robs her of creative fire and energy.

A dose of Kali's rule-breaking fashion style or Hecate's free-wheeling spirit may enliven Hestia's wardrobe and revitalize how others see her.

Goddesses Are Transcendent Inspiration for Fashion

Goddess images offer transcendent inspiration for timeless fashion choices.

The Fashion Archetype Quiz (c) draws on symbolism that is a deep part of the human conscious.

What Are Archetypes?

Carl Jung, the prolific psychologist-philosopher, believed the quest for wholeness is our most important pre- occupation of the third phase of life.

Jungian archetypes are culturally and historically transcendent images that appear in art, folk tales, and all forms of popular media.

They include such type-cast roles as warrior, magician, leader, mother, and characteristics that are reflected in the ancient stories about pagan gods and goddesses.

Keys to Creative and Inner Wholeness

Understanding your archetypes can help you connect with your inner creativity. How to dress is as an easy and fun way to express your individuality.

How we dress is one of the last places where we get to play, because fashion often is considered trivial and unimportant.

Your style can be a key that unlocks the door to creativity and wholeness, simply by acknowledging these parts of your Self.

The women of the Red Hat Society love going out in their bold purple dresses and crimson chapeaux. Any uniform fashion style is not for me, but they boldly address the question, "Who Shall I Be When I Get Old?"

If you cannot express your inner self at this stage of your life, when will you get around it?

You Are An Expression of Many Archetypal Energies

Just as you adapt to many roles while retaining a stable core identity, you have characteristics of many different archetypes to greater or lesser degree.

This is true of the Fashion Archetypes. Don't be surprised if you have strong characteristics from two or fashion style categories.

Decide how you can best blend these in your wardrobe planning. Ask yourself if there are any styles you’d like to add to the mix.

The Time Is Now; It's the Only Time We Have

Whether you aspire to the simple elegance of Audrey Hepburn -- a Sophia type -- or the sporty Artemis look of Katherine Hepburn, your fashion archetype is your wellspring of self-knowledge, self-acceptance and creativity.

Even if you have no money to shop, you can benefit from experimenting by combining clothes you own in new ways.

Your inner goddess can help you choose clothing that is as comfortable to wear as your own skin.

You can read about some alternative ways of organizing fashion style categories (scroll to bottom) and how one group of writers believe broadening their style choices helped them achieve greater wholeness.

Thank You to Readers Who Share Your Experiences with the Quiz

Many thanks to readers who offered their experiences with the first version of the Fashion Archetype Quiz, launched in 2008.

Since then, I have tweaked and fine-tuned the questions.

Thanks to extensive reading of Jung, archetypes, aging and, of course fashion, I also have a better idea of how these style categories inter-relate with each other.

I will discuss how the styles relate to each other on each goddess's fashion style page. You can reach these by clicking on the photos at the top of this page.

I hope you will continue to offer your insights and opinions about the Fashion Archetype Quiz, favorable or not.

The only way it can evolve is through your feedback.

Please leave your comments and questions on the FAF Facebook page

To Read about each fashion archetype goddess, click on the photo.

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