Satin Blouse And Other Tops Are Easy Way to Vary Wardrobe

Satin blouses retain the aura of luxury and femininity that the fabric has expressed since it arrived in Europe from China in the 1400s. A fashion top is an easy and economical way to change the look of wardrobe basics, such as slacks, skirts, and jackets.

long sleeves top for women
nice blouse for older women
ruched top
romantic blouse low-cut necklines
Long Sleeves
Nice Blouse
Romantic Blouse
Ruched Tops and Dresses
Tunic Tops

The icons above scratch the surface of the wide variety of tops available. You'll may find a peasant blouse to complement your Bohemian ensemble, a practical knit top or flannel shirt to wear with casual clothes -- and we haven't gotten to the amazing selection of sweaters that can add style and color to your look.

Blouses are a wonderful way to experiment with fashion trends and color. The satin blouse is a way to add upscale apparel to your closet without breaking the budget.

Blouses Are Affordable Way to Add Wardrobe Variety

Women's fashion top are usually are not as large an investment as a suit, trousers, or dress.

This makes it easier to have a selection of shirts in different colors and styles to freshen up the neutral colors of your mix-and-match coordinates.

Blouses come in a variety of styles, from the man-tailored shirt to frilly ruffled confections, from the figure-flattering wrap and ruched tops, to poet's shirts and comfy flannel work shirts.

Satin Was Originally Heavy Silk Fabric

Well into the 20th century, satin was exclusively woven of silk. Today, it is hard to find clothing made of this luxury fabric. Satin today is mostly rayon or synthetic fibers, such as polyester.

Satin is a heavy, closely woven fabric with a smooth and shiny surface that results from a particular type of weaving.

The method of weaving does not have a strong diagonal (bias), and this puts silk at risk of stretching (called warping) and snagging. This is why satin is considered a luxury fabric and most often featured for evening wear, according to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia.

Satin Is Used in Upscale Apparel

Satin was one of the innovations Marco Polo introduced to Europe in the 13th century, but this silk fabric probably did not reach England until the 14th century, according to Houghton Mifflin Word Histories and Mysteries.

It was a fabric for royalty; when woven of silk, the satin weave simply isn't practical for everyday life.

Synthetic Fibers Make Today's Satin Affordable

Today, polyester and rayon wovens make satin affordable and often more durable. It's still important to consider the appropriateness of wearing a satin blouse to the office.

Satin carries the implication that you are getting all dressed up, whereas professional dress is usually more sober and practical.

If you are going out after work or work in an upscale office or fashion-conscious setting, you may be able to carry off this shiny garment as daytime professional wear.

Is Satin Appropriate for Professional Dress?

Satin blouses may not be appropriate in many professional environments, such as banks or administrative offices.

You also will want to consider your body type. Very shiny fabric will call attention to your bust.

Make sure that all the buttons close properly if you are well-endowed, because all eyes will be on this part of our outfit.

Why We Love Satin Blouses

Satin blouses feel good against the skin and will make you feel pampered.

It can be worth spending a little more for a special-occasion blouse to dress up what might otherwise be a quite ordinary suit or slacks. Upscale apparel can bring quite a lift to your spirits.

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