How To Wear Clothes Is Easy with These 11 Tips

A Brief Guide, Part 1 of 3

How to wear clothes so we look our best is a fundamental fashion question at every age. What are the essential components?

First, know and love your body and who you are.

Second, dress to express your identity and feel good for the occasion.

Third, know what's current and adapt accessories to trends, while keeping core wardrobe components age-appropriate.

Update your wardrobe with creativity and flare.

I've divided this article into three sections for easier access. You can toggle between them at the links at the end of each section.

Don't Wear Big, Baggy Clothes

The number one fashion disaster of mature women may be wearing loose clothing, because we believe it makes us look slimmer and hides figure faults. We are wrong.

Draping ourselves in billowing fabric does not hide what's underneath.

My mother, trained as a fashion designer, has a favorite saying about this fashion look: "She looks like she was dressed by Omar the Tent Maker."

I disregarded Mom’s maxim for decades.

Dressing in baggy togs doesn't make us look like waifs when we are older. It makes us look worse. Fashion gurus such as Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style , What Not to Wear, and How to Look 10 Years Younger make this point time and again.

Accentuate the positives, be it a nice bust, a curvy waist-hip area, great legs, pretty eyes or fabulous hair.

Choose Classic Styles
& Clean Lines

Avoid anything fussy or bulky. This serves those with fashion flaws as well as the most svelte figures among us. Supple wool garbardine is more flattering for suits than bulky mohair fabrics.

Details should draw eye the toward your best features.

Emphasize pretty eyes with colors, legs with skirts that end above the knee, and hands with beautiful rings. Everyone has a best feature; find yours.

Update Wardrobe with Accessories

Accessories such as shoes, handbags, hats, belts and scarves are cost-conscious ways to show that you know how to wear clothes with flair.

Invest in classic styles; these can be worn with wide belts this year, skinny ones next year.

Handbags have been coveted fashion accessories for more than decade. A well-made handbag can be a treasure that lasts for years.

Shoes are some women's fashion luxury. There's a wider variety of attractive flat and low-heeled shoes with comfortable supportive insoles than ever before.

A few interesting accessories can add a trendy touch to styles you've loved wearing for years.

1. Don’t wear clothes that are big and baggy.
2. Choose classic styles and clean lines.
3. Update with seasonal accessories.

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