Travel Clothes Women: Packing Is Easy When You Masters Three Rules

Travel clothes women: Follow three rules for carefree packing: select garments for versatility and layering, and take advantage of the packability of new textile technologies to arrive with wrinkle free clothes.

Planning what to take and laying out everything before you start putting clothing into bags allows you to edit out redundant items and see if what you want to take will fit into your suitcase.

Select Travel Clothes Women So Every Item Serves Several Purposes

Mix-and-match so that each item packed serves many purposes -- the rule of versatility.

Each trip is an exercise in basic wardrobe planning. What will you be doing most of the time? What weather will you encounter?

What garments can multi-task, or serve many purposes?

Coordinated Suit with Jacket Is Good Foundation for City Travel

A suit is a good starting point for packng, because the top and bottom can be recombined with other items.

This creates the options of a pulled-together look, casual separates, and using the jacket as a top garment or layering clothes underneath for warmth.

A casual set serves a similar purpose for resort or cruise wear.

Packing camping gear is an art in itself.

Packing Checklist Considers Purpose and Weather

Make a list of all the things you plan to do. Consider what you will wear for each activity.

Factor in hot and cool weather needs. What will you wear if it rains?

Trade-offs will be needed between what you'd prefer to wear and packing for wrinkle-free garments and compact efficiency.

Make Trade-Offs to Pack Compactly

For example, you may prefer to wear a dress when you eat dinner in restaurants. This requires dressier shoes that may not good for spending long days walking a conference hall, historical sites, or a museum.

Do you have room to pack a dress, shoes, and perhaps even a dressier handbag, that you will need once or twice as travel-clothes-for-women?

Smart Multi-Purpose Substitutes Save Space

Might you, instead, use that wrinkle-free versatile pant suit with a ruffled silk blouse?

Better yet, choose a microfiber, easy-care blouse that wicks away moisture, resists odors, and dries quickly if washed in the sink.

Layering Clothes Is the Key to Effective Travel Planning

Investigate thoroughly the weather through which you will be traveling.

Before a summer trip to San Francisco, a friend warned, "Mark Twain said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

My Packing Lesson From Mark Twain

I arrived unprepared, and my friend couldn't figure out why. She had told me it would be cold, hadn't she?

"Mark Twain is a humorist, not a weather forecaster," I grumbled. "I thought you were kidding."

I had to pick up a warm jacket and sweater while there.

Pack a Long-Sleeved Ladies Cardigan Sweater

Second, a ladies cardigan sweater is ideal for layering clothes. It can be worn over the shoulders as a protection from a cool breeze or buttoned under a jacket for warmth.

Make sure it's a neutral color that goes with most everything else you are packing.

Why T(ee) Stands For

I like to pack T-shirts in a variety of colors, weights, and sleeve lengths.

Tees are another super garment for clothes layering. Wear them under blouses and sweaters for warmth or use them as shirts for casual wear.

Cotton T-shirts are comfortable and easily washed in a sink at night.

New Fabrics Are Ideal for Packing for Wrinkle Free Clothes

Wrinkle -- and strain-resistant, bug repellent, and sun screen fabrics make your vacation or business trip care-free -- at least when it comes to clothing.

Microfibers that use the latest in biotechnology and nanotechnology are ideal travel-clothes-for-women.

Engineered fabrics can make packing for wrinkle-free-clothes a snap.

A Dab of Dacron and Spandex Resist Wrinkles

Look for a touch of Dacron or Spandex in cotton for highly packable garments. Even three-percent will do the job.

Some fabrics are naturally wrinkled -- like broomstick skirts that can be rolled for travel.

If you plan on hiking or spending hours in the sun, you may want to invest in an insect-repellent or sunscreen shirt.

Packing for Wrinkle Free Clothes with Dry Cleaning Bags

A little known tip that can save you time, especially on a business trip, is to pack travel clothes for women in long plastic bags from the dry cleaner.

The air that is caught between the layers will hold the garments loosely in place so they don't get as wrinkled as when tightly squashed.

Don't Leave Valuables in Checked Luggage

It is perhaps wisest to leave valuables at home.

If need to take jewelry, cameras, and other expensive property, keep them with you on airplanes.

In summary, vacation packing takes planning. Bringing everything that strikes your fancy will result in luggage packed with things you never wear.

Use Multi-Purposing, Layering, and Wrinkle-Free Fabrics When Choosing Travel Clothes for Women

Coordinated mix-and-match garments are ideal for layering clothes.

Fewer items that can be combined many different ways will make it easy for you to select the best travel-clothes-for-women outfit each day.

You’ll also spend less time packing and unpacking at each stop on your journey.

Investing in engineered fabrics that resist wrinkles and stains is a good use of wardrobe dollars. These making packing for wrinkle free clothes a breeze.

Special purpose fabrics, such as insect-repellent and sunscreen shirts, may be worthwhile if you are spending a lot of time outdoors on your trip.

Fashion Fabrics and Textiles Are Engineered to Improve Performance provides information about some of the latest innovations.

If you plan to pack a cardigan sweater, Womens Cardigan Sweater Is Versatile Garment with Glamorous History may have some useful suggestions.

A relaxing small-town or camping vacation may called for casual clothing. For weekends at home or around and about, read Womens Casual Clothing: You Can Master the Easy Art of Carefree Style

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