Chinese Clothes Asian-Inspired Style Dragons Are Lucky Trend Big Kimono Flowers Are Popular

Chinese clothes and Asian-inspired style are making a big splash for Fall-Winter 2015-2016. Asian style has exerted a major influence on Western fashion since at least World War II.

"Chinese clothes embody the essence of “elegance and symbolism," according to one fashion historian.

The current crop of dragons -- a symbol of luck -- and over-sized kimono style flowers bursting from printed fabrics are favorites.

Kimono wrap jackets and kimono-sleeves on jackets and dresses are other style-setting touches.

Embroidered, quilted, and brocade jackets are elegant wardrobe additions, and the cheong-sam dress is simultaneously understated, figure-flattering, and sexy. Kimonos are a timeless source of design inspiration.

Embroidered Silk Jacket Is Timeless Beauty

An embroidered silk jacket is well worth the investment.

Classic features, such as flower motifs and looped buttonholes (called frogging) are stunning details that never go out of style.

Brocade is another fabulous fabric, with its rich patterns. Sometimes these take the form of a subtle tone-on-tone pattern. Other times, the woven design uses contrasting colors.

Quilted Jacket Is Warm and Chic

Quilted cotton or silk jackets are traditional Chinese clothes still worn in many parts of Mongolia and Asia during the winter.

Our Western ski jackets use quilting to hold warmth, too. My black nylon quilted jacket in a blazer style is both warm and stylish.

An embroidered or brocade jacket will look as good with jeans as it does over a formal, floor-length black or brightly-colored skirt. Here are some suggestions for women's work pants and styles that will complement your new silk jacket.

Why Chinese Clothese Are A Good Choice for You

Chinese styles are a good choice for older women for many reasons:

  • Long, lean lines silhouette curves and conceal bulges.
  • High necklines hide less attractive skin.
  • A solid or textured fabric can become a background for an eye-catching necklace.
  • Fabrics, such as luxurious silk, drape beautifully.
  • Details include embroidery, hand-painted flowers or scenes, and frogging.
  • Chinese styles are timeless and a great wardrobe investment.

Ethnic Styles Are Strong in Multi-Cultural World

Chinese clothes add global sophistication to our personal self-presentation.

Today's fashions incorporate inspiration from around the world.

Chinese and Asian clothing has been a strong influence on Western glamor for nearly 150 years.

Eastern classic and trend fashions will not fade from perennial popularity anytime soon.

Symbolic and Ritual Meanings of Chinese Clothes And Asian Styles

Asian clothing incorporates ritual and symbolism, nurturing the inner goddess.

In many rituals, special garments were worn to pay respects to the temple gods.

These gods typically represented the natural elements -- as do many goddess archetypes that are the basis for the Fashion After 50 quiz to help you identify your personal style.

Yang Lu presents a wonderful summary of the regional and historical traditions, complete with glossary and photos.

Classic Elegance Plus Fine Finishing Equals Timeless Style

Lu describes three basic Chinese costumes that are as contemporary as they are traditional.

Kimono style blouses and quilted jackets can be worn to the office. Cotton karate-style jackets can be dressed down for errands and weekends.

The cheongsam inspires international fashion, as Yang points out. It’s comfortable and easy to make. Loose tailoring makes the cheongsam ideal for many body types. It can be made with long, medium, and short sleeves and in many lengths.

Why Is Red A Favored Color?

Red means good luck.Superstar fashion editor Diana Vreeland championed it throughout her long, trend-shaping career at Vogue. This versatile color is popular for Chinese clothing can be paired with black, white, blue, and tan.

Consider adding an Asian-inspired garment as a focal point for your wardrobe.

Silk is a durable, soft, and eye-catching fabric that can add texture to an outfit. Some quilted Chinese jackets are cotton and washable.

Women's silk clothing is timelessly elegant and more durable than you might think.

Chinese and Asian-inspired styles outlast trends. A Chinese garment is an investment that will bring compliments for years to come. They never go out of style.

When was the last time you say a Chinese woman whose clothing appeared dowdy or out-of-date?

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