Chic Clothing Expresses Style Over Beauty

Chic clothing creates a timeless fashion statement by expressing your unique style and transcending fads.

A woman's attitude and bearing makes what she wears chic. Style trumps natural beauty, as the woman steps into the role of a grande dame.

A woman's attitude and bearing makes what she wears chic. You wear your clothes; they do not wear you.

How to Wear Clothes Starts with Thoughtful Choices

A classic blazer in a fresh color such as sky blue may be all it takes to stamp a style as creative and uniquely yours.

A fabric with special texture may turn a traditional design into something special.

What Makes Clothing Chic?

Clean lines, flattering colors, and an aura of self-possession make clothing chic.

A chic woman casts a spell of glamor wherever she goes.

Her inner glow illuminates her attire, and part of that light is kindness and intelligence.

The woman who first epitomized this quality of independent glamor was my high school English teacher's wife. She who wore a Christmas ornament in her hair -- to a banquet in May. Now that's confidence. That's creativity.

She wore it with a sense of entitlement and poise that can turn anything into chic clothing.

Copycats Are Not Chic -- Fads Are for Kids

How, after all, has it come to pass that women spend hundreds of dollars for faded and torn denim?

It's because a model or actress or socialite wore it.

Her attitude created an aura of glamor, and soon copycats were buying the garments, hoping it would make them chic.

Chic clothing is never the result of copying others. It is always personal, unique, and just right for you and the moment.

Chanel Invented Chic Clothing

Audrey Hepburn embodied this ultra-feminine quality that combines confidence with grace, poise, and a well-put-together image. Whatever she wore instantly became iconic style.

Coco Chanel invented chic. She revolutionized fashion with her unstructured clothing that made corseted women long to look boyish.

Diana Vreeland popularized chic during her career as America's pre-eminent fashion editor.

She adored Chinese red. Her fashion passions became a nation's definition of chic decor.

To get you started thinking about your personal principles for chic dressing, here's Fashion After 50's 11 tips for how to wear clothes and look great.

This foolproof 3-step process for basic wardrobe planning sums up information found in just about every books about fashion tips. Learn how to discover what you want and get what you need.

Clothes for older women don't have to be dowdy to be age-appropriate.

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